You must work to keep your business as safe as possible for your team members, and ensuring your team hits the safety mark is crucial to keeping your business alive and flourishing. After all, your team members are more than the people who keep your business moving. They’re almost family to you. Safety glasses are vital to workplace safety, and you regularly educate your team on safety compliances. Still, you want your team to be on point with safety regulations. Here are some tips to get your team members onboard with safety!

5 Tips for Promoting Workplace Safety

  1. Safety starts at the top down. Management must commit to the same safety regulations as their teams. This means wearing the proper safety equipment and being familiar with all safety rules. This shows solidarity in the workplace and also makes upper management more approachable.
  2. Establish company pride. We all want to say that we love our jobs, and if we hold a job we love, we want to excel at it and follow regulations. You know the old saying: treat employees with respect, and they’ll respect you. Hold company outings to bond team members and managers; give your employees free t-shirts with your company’s logo, and imprint custom safety glasses with your company’s logo.
  3. Create a safety involvement team. Safety rules need to be created by both upper management and employees. A safety involvement team should feature members of both parties and can meet monthly to review current safety procedures and safety goals.
  4. Hands-on training works, not handouts. We know you will have flyers on the walls promoting workplace safety, but that’s only one sliver of the workplace safety pie. Hold monthly training for all team members, including management, on all safety regulations, even ones as simple as ensuring safety glasses fit correctly.
  5. Reinforce positive safety behavior. We all want that proverbial “pat on the back,” which goes for workplace safety. The safety involvement team you put together in tip #3 should be on the lookout for several individuals each month who go above and beyond to follow workplace safety and encourage others to do the same. Give monthly safety awards in the form of a certificate, gift card, or paid time off.


You want your business to succeed, and your team members are dedicated to helping you do that. Help educate them on the whys and hows behind workplace safety, and ensure you follow the same safety regulations. You’ll promote a safe work environment by always wearing safety glasses and the proper safety equipment and following safety guidelines.