Condensation on safety glasses can cause serious safety risks through reduced vision. At the same time, constantly wiping off glasses presents exposure to impact hazards. Fortunately, with anti-fog safety glasses, fogless vision is possible.

Achieving Fogless Vision

The wonderful world of a fogless vision is interesting. Consider the following:

  1. NASA developed the technology for Project Gemini in 1966 to make sure astronaut’s helmet visors didn’t fog up on space walks.
  2. Detergent doesn’t work. A common “at home” method to battle fog involves wiping a thin layer of soap on lenses. Unfortunately, this too easily smears lenses.
  3. There are lots of options available with over 200 pairs of anti-fog safety glasses from reliable and trustworthy brands.
  4. Anti-fog with LED lights are available too. LED Safety Glasses are equipped with LED lights at each temple, perfect for use in cold, dimly lit environments. Lights can be adjusted or swiveled as needed.
  5. Divers have a helpful tip. Divers do use anti-fog goggles. However, they also apply saliva to enhance their capabilities. Swimmers use it too.
  6. Anti-fog safety glasses aren’t just for work. They’re also perfect for outdoor activities. The need for eye protection doesn’t end just because it’s cold outside. Anti-fog safety glasses are perfect for a snowball fight or just a walk in the park too.

Don’t take anti-fog technology for granted. The science behind them helps keep eyes safe on both the job site and during recreational activities.