A Guide to Ballistic & Tactical Eyewear

Ballistic-rated eye protection has become a mainstay of today's armed forces. In fact, the use of tactical eyewear has trickled down into many non-military applications as well. What is ballistic & tactical eyewear? [...]

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Marking Requirements for Ballistic Eyewear Still Forthcoming

No Marking System "How Can You Identify Ballistic Eyewear?" details how to differentiate between civilian (ANSI) and ballistic (military) standards. The article also discusses where to find and identify ballistic-rated safety eyewear. Though [...]

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How To Protect Your Eyes From Rubber Bullets?

What Are Rubber Bullets? Rubber Bullets are projectiles coated in rubber fired from a standard firearm or specially constructed riot guns. Rubber bullets are often used in animal control or riot control. They [...]

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