Shooting Safety Glasses Prevent Injuries & Improve Results

Visit any reputable firing range, and one of their primary rules will be the wearing of eye & hearing protection. Wearing safety glasses is especially important because safety glasses prevent injuries from potential [...]

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The Best Safety Glasses for Shooting & Hunting

The best safety glasses for shooting and hunting are the ones that best suit the situation at hand. In other words, what’s best depends on variable factors such as surrounding conditions and hunter [...]

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Aim for the Right Decibel Levels in Shooting Earmuffs Protection

A Safety Glasses USA friend told us about going to the shooting range for the first time. The safety enthusiasts on staff there told her exactly what she needed to outfit herself in [...]

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Coming Soon – Oakley Tombstone Shooting Eyewear

Unveiled at Shot Show 2015, the Oakley Tombstone is destined to revolutionize shooting eyewear. Oakley teamed up with military and civilian marksmen at Ft. Benning to learn how they could improve upon existing shooting [...]

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