Roses, diamonds, and pearls may be a girl’s best friend most days, but consider a gift this February 14th that shows you care for her AND her vision too. Women’s Safety Glasses make a unique surprise for Valentine’s Day, and our collection of safety glasses made just for women are tough, yet feminine “” just like her “” and feature comfortable designs with attractive frames.

In case she, or you, needs convincing, check out these women’s eye safety stats, each paired with an appropriate eyewear suggestion tailored especially for women. Keep this information handy to impress her with after she sees how good she looks in her new safety glasses.

  • According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, 44.7% of eye injuries occur at home. So, even if she doesn’t work in an industrial or laboratory setting where safety glasses are the norm, she can still reap the benefits of eye safety in everyday home tasks. Crossfire Infinity Safety Glasses with Pearl Pink Frame and Clear Lens are perfect for any woman, whether she works at home or in a factory or lab setting.
  • The American Academy of Ophthalmology also reports that 40% of eye injuries were caused by common projects and activities, including home repairs, yard work, cleaning and cooking.  The CAT Jet Safety Glasses with Pale Pink Frame and Pink Lens are another terrific option for women.
  • If she loves to spend time in the sun, whether playing sports or simply enjoying a good book, she probably already knows she needs to lather up on the sunscreen. Remind her that her eyes can also be irreversibly damaged by the sun. The Edge Aurora Safety Glasses with Pink Lace Frame and Smoke Lens provide a fashionable option for almost every activity under the sun.

These are just a handful of reasons why Women’s Safety Glasses are essential in everyday life even if she isn’t required to wear them at work. At the core of Valentine’s Day is showing how much you love and care for the woman in your life. Safety glasses may not be the most conventional Valentine’s Day gift, but they do show her you value her. They also go well paired with a bouquet of roses and her favorite sweet treat. It is still Valentine’s Day, after all.