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My name is Michael Eldridge, and I’m the Founder and CEO of SafetyGlassesUSA.com. The focus of our blog is to provide informative articles that help our readers in a meaningful way. Whether it’s learning about new products, providing safety tips, or discussing recent and upcoming innovations that may affect or change how you keep yourself free from injuries.

Who we are

SafetyGlassesUSA.com was born in October 2000 in the basement of a small home in Three Rivers, Michigan. Over the past several years, we’ve become a leading online retailer of safety glasses, bifocal safety glasses, shooting glasses, safety goggles, sunglasses, and more. We’re a Veteran-Owned Business and an international distributor of personal protective equipment, with eyewear as our core product. Today our product line features over 50 brands of various safety products and over 2000 styles of safety, sport, and fashion eyewear.

Our presence is worldwide, but the heart and soul of our operations are located in the small town of Three Rivers, Michigan. Our Corporate facility also offers an extensive showroom for our local customers to browse, try on, compare and purchase our many styles and selections.

Specialties: Safety Glasses, Sunglasses, Protective Eyewear, Personal Protective Equipment, Safety Equipment, Military Eyewear

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Michael Eldridge - Owner & Founder of Safety Glasses USA.