Airsoft Safety, Part I discusses the basic safety issues involving Airsoft guns. This post addresses a hopefully obvious danger with Airsoft and provides some ground rules for Airsoft safety.

Stating the Obvious

Because Airsoft guns look and feel so realistic, they make great training tools for the military and police. For that same reason, they also create an interesting social issue and public safety concern.

Most states require Airsoft owners to be at least 18 to purchase and own an Airsoft gun. However, those under 18 can use Airsoft guns with permission from a parent or legal guardian.

While most adults who play Airsoft games do so in a controlled environment, many younger users cannot because of transportation availability. Instead, younger Airsoft users are often seen in residential neighborhoods and other places they can walk or ride bikes to.

In a day and age where school and other public shootings are frequent, carrying Airsoft guns that look like real guns can potentially be perceived as threats. No one wants someone getting killed because an Airsoft gun was mistaken for a real gun.

The simple solution involves always treating Airsoft guns as real guns and developing an understanding and respect for firearms. This goes for youth and adults alike.

Airsoft Realistic Guns

In addition, Airsoft King recommends the following for preventing any mistaken identity between Airsoft and real guns.

  • Keep Airsoft guns and equipment completely concealed in public.
  • Do not play Airsoft games on public property.
  • Get permission before playing Airsoft games on private property.
  • If confronted by law enforcement when carrying Airsoft equipment, comply immediately and entirely with their requests.

Common sense goes a long way in preventing mistaken identity with Airsoft guns.

Airsoft Safety Rules

In addition to common sense, the following rules can keep Airsoft a fun and safe activity for all ages.

  • Always wear eye protection. Never remove it while on the firing field or during a game.

Airsoft Safety Goggles and Glasses

  • Find comfortable eye protection. Many players wear safety sunglasses, while others prefer goggles or sunglasses with a foam-padded lining. Favorite products of some Airsoft users include the Pyramex I-Force, the Elvex Go-Specs II in Desert Camo, the ESS Crossbow, the Radians Extremis, and the Guard-Dogs G100.
  • Keep the safety on and the barrel plugged in designated safe zones. This prevents accidental discharge in areas where individuals often remove eye protection and safety equipment.
  • Treat every gun as a loaded gun. This means following basic gun safety rules.
  • Be aware of where a gun is pointed. When not in an active game, point guns away from people or keep them safely stowed.
  • Keep finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. Again, common sense can prevent accidental firing that leads to injury.

Airsoft Magazine

  • Keep guns unloaded until ready to use. Don’t carry loaded guns. Wait to load them until just before the game starts. Also, remove ammunition as soon as activity ends.

Adults playing Airsoft must not only protect themselves by following these rules and guidelines, but they must also set an example for kids and youth playing Airsoft. Parents allowing their children to play Airsoft should make sure their children know and comply with the rules and are properly supervised.

The bottom line is to use common sense and to become educated about the safe use of Airsoft.

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