Skiing Sunglasses

Choosing the right lens tint for your sunglasses can enhance your skiing experience.

It’s that time of year again ““ no, not time to holiday shop, time to wax up those skis and snowboards! As you polish off your Thanksgiving dinner and visions of carving up a beautiful slope dance in your head, you’ve got to think about your gear. You have the basics down, but what about cozy gloves, hand warmers, base layers, ski socks, and skiing sunglasses or snowboarding sunglasses? We may not be schussing down the mountain as good as you, but you can bet we”™ll be doing it without the glare! Choosing the right skiing sunglasses lens tint is key to skiing or boarding your best this winter, and we’re here to help you beat the squint.

Yellow/Orange Skiing Sunglasses ““ Ever notice how quick you can go from skiing beautifully to crashing into the powder? You owe it to depth perception. Yellow and orange skiing and snowboarding sunglasses, like these Yellow Edge Dakura Sunglasses, emphasize depth. Sure, they tend to lower brightness levels, but on those overcast days, you’ll be glad you’ll wearing skiing sunglasses that perform best in moderate lighting conditions.

Rose Skiing Sunglasses ““ Want to look at your world through rose-colored glasses? If you’re skiing or snowboarding in low lighting conditions, you certainly do! Vermillion sunglasses, like our Rose Edge Dakura Sunglasses, are excellent for dim lighting conditions, such as when you’re skiing during the twilight hours. Nothing wrong with brightening your world up a bit!

Brown Skiing Sunglasses ““ A brown lens tint sounds a bit drab, doesn’t it? Not so. Think about those heavenly skiing and riding days when the sky is a brilliant blue and the snow is a crisp white. Do you have a headache yet from squinting? That’s where brown skiing sunglasses, like our Bronze Wiley-X Jake Sunglasses, bring a calming effect to your vision. They’re known for blocking out blue light, so you can continue cruising down the mountain without eye strain.

Blue Skiing Sunglasses ““ Blue lenses are one of the most common types of skiing sunglasses and snowboarding sunglasses. Blue acts as a contrast color, and helps reduce the vibrant glare that’s straining your eyes on the slopes. Check out our Blue 3M Fuel Sunglasses for style on the way up the ski lift and eye protection on the way down.

Going without skiing sunglasses or snowboarding sunglasses is a novice mistake ““ better stay on the beginner slopes! It’s easy to feel intimidated by all the lens color choices out there, so think about what lighting conditions you typically ski or ride in. If you’re in beautiful, sunny California ““ chances are you’ll need blue or brown sunglasses. Located in overcast Vermont? Think yellow, orange, or rose sunglasses. And most of all, think snow!

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  1. Peter Mason January 18, 2012 at 5:59 am - Reply

    Like you say, choosing the correct sunglasses is imperative to you having a great time skiing, as cheap glasses can cause you all sorts of problems, including having incorrect UV protection as well as the glasses themselves becoming foggy/steamed up from the body heat. Spend wisely and remember that the cheapest deal isn’t always the best!

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