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Is your back-to-school safety check list complete?

Brrrring goes the sound of the school bell, as kids shuffle to homeroom and the start of another exciting school year begins. As a parent, you’ve mastered the art of keeping your kids safe at home during the summer, but what about during the school year? You can’t watch over your kids during the day, but you can arm them with the back to school safety essentials to help them make only safe choices. We”™ve worked with many schools and parents in helping them choose the right Kid’s Safety Glasses to keep the eyes of America’s future safe and sound, and we’ve got the know-how on what else you need to make this school year a safe one.

Bright Clothing
We”™re not talking about decking little Sally out in dayglow clothing, but isn’t it a lot easier to see kids crossing the street to the bus and walking home when they’re wearing brighter colors? Your shining student most likely has her personal style already mapped out, but urge her to choose bright blues and greens over colors that can more easily blend into the background, like black and tan.

Bike Helmets
The summertime is pretty hectic for kids, so it’s common for your child to want to get together with his or her friends for a bike ride after a long school day while it’s still warm. Kids grow fast, and the bike helmet you bought last summer may be a little snug these days. Take a few minutes to have your child try it on and evaluate the fit. If the design of the helmet is looking a little too childish for Harry, consider buying a more adult-looking bike helmet. You want him to wear the helmet, and well, buying a helmet he likes will go a long way towards that!

Panic Alarm
Many parents are now equipping their kids with a panic alarm ““ a small keyfob with a panic button they can push to sound a loud, piercing alarm. We think it’s a great idea, as long as you educate your child on its appropriate use. These are unfortunately not the safest of times, and having your child carry a panic alarm as he or she walks home, or travels anywhere alone, can help “sound the alarm” should your child be in a dangerous situation.

Kids Safety Glasses

Pyramex's Mini-Ztek Safety Glasses are an excellent choice for kids.

Kid’s Safety Glasses
Remember the days of wood shop and those thick safety glasses you had to wear? Children’s safety glasses, like our Pyramex kid’s safety glasses, are a world away, providing kids with both superior eye safety and a design they actually won’t mind wearing. Parents, consult with your school board on the children’s safety glasses standards in your school, and equip your little one with the right kid’s safety glasses for their science labs and shop classes. Your child can never be too safe, and all the other kids will be envious of their stylish safety glasses!

We can’t keep watch over our kids throughout every moment of their day, but we can equip them with the back to school safety essentials to help them think safety from a young age. Talk with your child about common safety tips at school and how they can incorporate safety into their school day. We know there is quite an array of school safety products and tips, so besides wearing bright clothing, choosing right-sized bike helmets, panic alarms, and wearing Kid’s Safety Glasses, how can you help your child stay safe this school year?

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