Can you spot where the weekend warriors live in your neighborhood? Shutters painted to perfectly complement the house color. Shrubs always trimmed just so. Outdoor landscaping expertly illuminating the yard.

Let’s raise our safety glasses to these energetic men and women!

If you have a weekend warrior in your life – or maybe you are one – be sure that every project happens under the care of the best safety essentials, and that starts with making sure eyes and hands are always properly protected.

Painting the Shutters

A sudden wind change sends paint spraying back into your eyes. Paint you’re brushing on splatters back into your face. Or, maybe you accidentally wipe your face with a paint-smeared hand. Most people don’t wear Safety Glasses when painting, but obviously they should.

Safety gloves are another necessity when painting. This is especially true when using any kind of paint strippers or chemicals.


Safety Gloves are an essential part of any weekend warrior project.

Trimming the Lawn

Your weekend warrior knows to keep his limbs out the way when weed whacking and cutting the grass, but what if some of that grass flies up in his face? Or, what if he accidentally runs over up some rocks, and they come flying up?

Polarized Safety Glasses help erase concerns over flying debris. They’re also perfect for enjoying the sunshine on beautiful weekends and have the added benefit of reducing glare, which results in less eye fatigue.

Tending the Garden

Gardening doesn’t seem “high risk.” Yet, consider that many gardeners use pesticides to protect their precious plants. This makes wearing gloves as important as using the proper tools to keep not only plants healthy but hands too.

Also consider that nearly every gardener has a story about getting dirt or a bug in their eye, causing sudden pain, annoyance and aggravation. So even while gardening, safety glasses are basic essentials.

Man Using Saw

Safety eyewear and hearing protection both are recommended when operating table saws and other machinery.

Maintaining, Repairing & Assembling

Many projects require a weekend warrior to pound in nails, sand down wood or tighten screws. All such projects pose the increased possibility of injury when not wearing proper safety gear like safety glasses and gloves. Yet, wearing them really depends on accessibility. In other words, the likelihood a warrior will wear them depends on whether or not they’re nearby.

Increase the likelihood of wearing safety gear whenever they’re needed by stowing them in plain sight and near work areas. Consider keeping two pairs of safety glasses and gloves on hand to increase accessibility.

These brave men and women – these weekend warriors that challenge and inspire us – can do just about any home improvement project out there. Let’s help them stay safe both by setting the example and by making sure they have what they need to stay safe, beginning with the basic essentials of safety… gloves and safety glasses.