We know to wash our hands frequently throughout the day to avoid germs and infection, but what about our eyes? You can’t exactly splash water in them every few hours, but if you’ve ever suffered from an eye infection, you know what a painful and annoying experience it can be. Here are five easy ways to prevent common eye irritations and infections. We’re safety glasses experts, so we know a thing or two about what it takes to protect our eyes!

5 Easy Tips to Prevent Eye Irritations

#1: Keep Pets From Licking Your Face

We know it’s so adorable to have Fido or Miss Whiskers licking your face, but those same “kisses” can result in an eye infection. You don’t know where your pet’s mouth has been, so play it safe and discourage your pet from licking your face. After playing with your pet, wash your hands, so you don’t accidentally touch and contaminate your eyes.

#2: Avoid Chemical Or Dust Splashes

This is our specialty here at Safety Glasses USA. You’d be surprised by how many people call us up to order a pair of safety glasses and explain that the eye infection or injury, unfortunately, came first. So now, they’ll always be wearing safety glasses. Safety glasses, like our Polarized Safety Glasses, are designed to look stylish and frame your face comfortably. Still, most of all, they go a significant way towards protecting your valuable vision.

#3: Think Eye Safety At The Beach

You’ve got your sunscreen, bestseller, and beach blanket tucked away in your tote bag but don’t forget to pack Safety Sunglasses! Don’t worry; these aren’t the clear goggles you had in chemistry class. Instead, they look great on your face as you relax on the beach. It’s common for a gust of wind to blow sand up in your eyes, an ocean wave to send salt right into your peepers, or the bright sun’s UV rays to damage your eyes. Safety sunglasses make the beach safe and, most importantly, fun!

#4: Office Desk Germs

A 2002 University of Arizona study showed 100x more bacteria per square inch on an office desk than on an office toilet seat. Just think about how often you reach to touch your eyes at work. All of that bacteria is now in contact with your eyes. So commit to being conscious of eye-touching, and keep anti-bacterial desk wipes on your desk to clean your desk every morning and evening.

#5: Take Care With Contacts

You know how vital it is to take out your contacts before sleeping and to clean them regularly, but here are a few additional safety tips that can make a world of difference as a contact wearer:

  • Applying eye makeup? Put your contact lenses on first, and use only non-allergenic makeup, like Almay or Clinique, according to AllAboutVision.com. Be sure to replace eye makeup about every three months.
  • When swimming or relaxing in a hot tub, take your contact lenses out right after and clean them. This prevents bacteria from contaminating your contacts and contacting your eyes.
  • Have some contact lens solutions still in your case? Discard it! Always clean with a new solution, and never “top off” the existing solution.
Woman wearing Wiley X Weekender Sunglasses

Always wear UV-resistant eyewear when spending time outdoors. The sun’s UV radiation can cause long-term eye damage.


Eye accidents can always happen, but being cognizant of ways to protect our vision can reduce common eye irritations and infections. Have you ever experienced an eye infection? What preventative measures would you have taken in advance?