Protecting eyes both in and out of the workplace is not only important; it’s often a requirement. Unfortunately, many individuals who must regularly wear reading glasses end up switching between safety eyewear and reading glasses throughout the day.

Not only is this a frustrating and time consuming, but it also presents a significant safety hazard. Making the switch leaves eyes vulnerable to dust, impact, and more and can lead to severe and sight-threatening injury. Fortunately, the potential risk and extreme hassle of switching between safety eyewear and reading glasses can be avoided with bifocal safety eyewear.

Bifocal safety glasses come in diopters (strengths) ranging from +1.00 to +3.00. In addition to providing 99.9% UVA-UVB sun protection and coming in a variety of lens colors, they also have a plethora of other options. Consider the following to help you decide what best fits your situation.

Occupational Safety Glasses – Bifocal safety glasses that provide more than one area on the lens for up-close vision. These lenses are not for everyday wear but for individuals (car mechanics, painters, electricians, etc.) who have to look in multiple directions, such as above their heads or upside down, for near vision.

LED Bifocal Safety Glasses – Provide hands-free, direct lighting and eliminate the need for inconvenient work lights.

Polarized Bifocal Safety Glasses – Get the benefits of a polarized lens “” improved contrast, reduction in eyestrain and reduced reflection/glare “” and the convenience of bifocal safety glasses.

Bifocal Safety Glasses with Foam Padding – Foam padding provides extra protection from wind blown particles such as dust, sand, cement and chemicals that can cause serious eye irritation and damage.

Bifocal Safety Goggles – Bifocal Goggles not only provide increased magnification for close-up inspection of fine detail work, but they also bring the added protection that a goggle offers over safety glasses.

Refuse to take chances when it comes to eye safety. Check out the many options available in bifocal safety eyewear to help find the pair that best suits your needs. Not only will you eliminate the hassle of switching glasses throughout the day, but you’ll have the added assurance that your eyes are consistently protected.