For men wanting to go beyond just basic, functional safety glasses & sunglasses, the Bolle Rush Plus offers three new stylish options that still meet ANSI certification requirements. In addition to style and safety, these safety glasses provide a good fit with flexible temples that make them very comfortable.

Features & Options

The Bolle Rush Plus are available in three sporty color options, and each features a different lens type.

Each of these safety glasses has upper brow bar protection and a non-slip bridge, which account for their high comfort level. In addition, the lenses protect wearers from 99.9% of harmful UVA/UVB light.

Also available with the Bolle Rush Plus safety glasses is the Foam and Strap Kit to help keep your eyewear on and debris out. Works exclusively with Bolle Rush Plus safety eyewear.


In addition to being comfortable and stylish, the Bolle Rush Plus safety glasses and sunglasses also have a new anti-fog/anti-scratch platinum coating. This coating, exclusive to Bolle, guarantees greater safety, reliability and comfort. The coating is also washable, meaning it’s permanent and will provide long-term high-scratch resistance and delayed fogging.

If you’re a guy looking for more than just the ordinary, everyday safety glasses, the Bolle Rush Plus provides a sporty, comfortable option that will likely meet your needs. Look for additional customizable options in the future as these new safety sunglasses from Bolle become more well-known and popular.