We take safety very seriously here at Safety Glasses USA. We want you to be protected from common work hazards and deadly accidents as well. This category tries to explain the danger of unprotected eyes and how easy it can be to be injured in the workplace. We provide safety tips to prevent work hazards from impacting your life outside of work. With an emphasis on eye protection, we want to inform and provide you with options to combat the unfortunately high rate of eye injuries in the workplace and at home. We also sometimes provide a number of suggested product to help you choose a safety product that fits your needs.

Aim for the Right Decibel Levels in Shooting Earmuffs Protection

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A Safety Glasses USA friend told us about going to the shooting range for the first time. The safety enthusiasts on staff there told her exactly what she needed to outfit herself in [...]

How To Select Performance Enhancing Eyewear

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Performance Enhancing Eyewear Provides Safety and Vision Enhancement Good vision and safety are always critical, and performance enhancing eyewear keeps you from having to decide between the two. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize [...]

4 Real World Reasons to Wear Bifocal Safety Glasses

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Bifocal glasses aren't just for grandma anymore. Bifocal safety glasses not only keep your eyes protected, but they also come with built-in magnifiers to make reading and detail jobs easier. More people wear [...]

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