Healthy eyes are happy eyes. And your overall vision health is what we are trying to protect. So what kinds of issues get in the way? Here we discuss long-term issues such as CVS, cataracts, blue light exposure, allergies, and even sunburn in the eye. We also want to provide you with ways to protect yourself from these problematic issues. We have a solution for your protection from ANSI z87.1 certification, small safety glasses, stylish yet certified eyewear (Oakley, Wiley-X, etc.), full-sized goggles, or even giant face shields. Your eyes are one of your most used senses. So let’s keep them healthy.

A Lesson from Anderson Cooper: Yes, Your Eyes Can Get Sunburned!

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Like Anderson Cooper, host of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, discovered in late 2012, Yes, Your Eyes Can Get Sunburned. Cooper actually suffered blindness from exposing his eyes to the sun's harmful UV rays [...]

Know An Eye Injury When You See One

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Know Why You Need to Know Wearing safety eyewear can prevent 90% of eye injuries. In fact, Eye Injury Prevention really revolves around this simple, quick approach. Unfortunately, not everyone wears protective eyewear [...]

What is the Long-Term Impact of UV Light on Eyes?

By |2022-08-15T09:12:00-04:00September 22nd, 2017|All Posts, Featured Post, Vision Health|

We need sunlight. Its life-giving rays promote our physical and mental health in many ways. However, too much exposure to the sun's rays, especially UV, is harmful. Most of us know UV rays [...]

How To Safely View A Solar Eclipse

By |2022-08-12T10:40:16-04:00July 21st, 2017|All Posts, Featured Post, Safety Articles, Safety Tips, Vision Health|

Most of us probably remember being told as kids never to look at an eclipse because it could make us go blind. Yet, do you know someone who has gone blind from looking [...]

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