Shooting eyewear, like our Randolph Shooting Glasses, is one of our most popular product categories here at Safety Glasses USA, and we aim to promote shooting safety for our customers, from safety glasses to protective earmuffs. With so many of our loyal customers and team members being a part of the target shooting and hunting community, you can bet we were following the Olympic shooting events pretty closely, and we’re absolutely thrilled to see American Kim Rhode take Olympic gold in women’s skeet shooting. She has now medaled in competitive shooting in five straight Olympics!

Dedication And Practice Pay Off

If you’ve ever shot at a target, you know it isn’t easy to hit that elusive orange clay. Shooting truly is a sport, as it involves intense training, concentration, and follow-through. Kim Rhode embodies all of these characteristics and actually hit her shooting target 99 out of 100 times, tying a world record and hitting her mark a full eight more shots than the silver medalist.

Kim’s reaction to winning the gold medal? Pure joy and American pride, of course:

“It’s just been an incredible journey…and ultimately, I couldn’t be happier for bringing home the gold for the United States,” says Rhode.

Dedicated Parents

Just as our customers have supported us throughout the years and directly contributed to our success, Kim’s parents have been there for her every step of the way, even refinancing their home several times to fund her way through four Olympic games.

“But what do you do when your child has a dream?…I think people do that. They sacrifice for their kids. And we wouldn’t change a minute of it. All we can do, pardon the pun here, is bite the bullet,” explains Richard Rhode, Kim’s father.

Safety Glasses USA Salutes You

From all of us at Safety Glasses USA, congratulations, Kim! We’re not only celebrating your accomplishments today, but we’re also celebrating increased popularity in women’s sports shooting we’ve seen more female customers purchasing Shooting Safety Glasses, and we are firmly supporting more women getting involved in target shooting and hunting. Go USA, and go, Kim!