Unveiled at Shot Show 2015, the Oakley Tombstone is destined to revolutionize shooting eyewear. Oakley teamed up with military and civilian marksmen at Ft. Benning to learn how they could improve upon existing shooting eyewear. Utilizing cutting edge technology, combined with hours of research and development, the Tombstone’s performance and convenience features make it one of the most advanced shooting glasses on the market.

Oakley discovered the primary shortcomings of today’s shooting eyewear was a limited range of vision. The vast majority of existing shooting glasses could not accommodate the different focal points required by multi-gun shooters.

Shooting Eyewear Designed By The Pros

This is what Military Times Gear Scout blog had to say about Oakley’s new eyewear.

Oakley fitted eye tracking equipment to top competitive shooters to learn where the most important areas of vision are located. They found that the top of the lens was an area used quite a bit, which means most eyewear, especially eyewear with a frame extending across the top, would obstruct a shooter’s vision. To increase the field of view upward, Oakley made the Tombstone without a frame across the top and extended the lens upward.

The second area Oakley focused on was lens changes. Lighting frequently changes over a day of shooting, and pulling and inserting lenses into frames is slow and smudgy. To change lenses with Tombstone, you just push the triggers on each of the stems and pull them out. Insert them into the new lens and you’re back to shooting without ever touching the lens.

Oakley Prizm Info


Available Sizes And Lens Colors

Tombstone will be offered with traditional clear, smoke gray and Oakley’s new Prizm lens technology (introduced last year).  Oakley is confident most shooters will primarily use the Prizm lens tints because they’re designed to enhance contrast and target clarity. The primary Prizm lens tints are TR22 (bright light) and TR45 (low light).

The SI Industrial version of the Tombstone is ANSI Z87.1-2015 rated for impact protection. However, they’re not ballistic or mil-spec rated. Their theater of operation is limited to the shooting range.

Tombstone will be available in two sizes: Reap for larger faces and Spoil for smaller faces. Both sets will include a protective hard case.