Some people are simply hard on their sunglasses and safety glasses… scratching them, breaking them, losing them. When this is the case, spending a lot of money on safety glasses or sunglasses just isn’t a smart decision.

Crews Safety Glasses and Protective Eyewear by MCR Safety provides a variety of options in safety glasses, sunglasses & goggles and even offers a faceshield option, and all are all ANSI certified, have scratch resistant coatings and provide 99.9% UV protection. What’s more, the highest priced item in this line is only $35, so having multiple pairs in case one is lost or damaged makes a lot of sense.

This article looks specifically at the Crews BearKat, the Crews VL and the USS Defense lines to give a solid representation of the each quality, inexpensive options along with the high safety standards and great look found in Crews Safety Glasses.

Crews BearKat Safety Glasses “” $1.60 to $2.75

With no frame, the BearKat provides a virtually unobstructed view with almost 100% of the wearer’s vision covered by the glasses. In addition, they are comfortable with flexible temples and non-slip head grips (the temple grips are also notched for the optional clip-on, breakaway cord), which means they stay in place and don’t slide down on the nose.

The BearKats are also light for extended wear that stays comfortable, and their close fit reduces chances of foreign debris reaching the eyes. Finally, the tough, polycarbonate lenses come in a variety of colors to meet various needs.

Another option in this line is the BearKat Small, which is sized 17% smaller than the original BearKats. This fit works well for anyone with a smaller face profile, making it a great option for most women.

Crews VL Safety Glasses “” $8.30

The athletic design of the Crews VL also comes with a unique feature in the “streamlined 5-point ratchet action bayonet temple.” This just means the glasses are designed for increased comfort because they adjust to fit properly on the face, making them very comfortable for long-term wear.

USS Defense Foam Safety Glasses “” $16.10

The USS Defense line includes all of the comfort options found in all glasses in the Crews line but goes a step further by also meeting the Military Ballistic High Velocity Standard (MIL-PRF-31013). In addition, they have a fixed, closed-cell foam option that is strong, lightweight and water resistant and allows for a comfortable fit while at the same time keeping out foreign objects such as those found in harsher environments experienced by many military personnel.

Options in the USS Defense line includes either Duramass® scratch resistant lens coating, MAX-3â„¢ scratch resistant coating (3x greater scratch resistance) or MAX-6â„¢ anti-fog coating (6x greater fog-resistance and dissipation). They all also come with a free neck cord and microfiber pouch.

Fashion, Function & Affordability

From individuals in an industrial setting to those working in the extremes of a military environment, Crews Safety Glasses provide quite a few options in style and lens type. If you have trouble deciding on a style or you want a variety of options, the affordability factor of this line makes owning multiple pairs a definite option.