Looking for safety glasses or sunglasses with a high-end look without having to pay the high-end price? The Crossfire line provides a variety of high-quality frame styles all within a very affordable price range.

Before looking at the differences among the styles in this line, consider what they all have in common:

  • All frame styles are available in a smoke lens, the most versatile type of lens.
  • All are ANSI Z87+ certified.
  • Lenses are all tough, polycarbonate.
  • Lenses protect against 99.9% of harmful UV rays
  • Each style has a rubber nosepiece for all-day comfort.
  • All lenses are scratch-resistant.

Now consider the differences from one style to the next to help choose the best Crossfire safety glasses or sunglasses to meet your needs:

  • Nosepiece style varies visually from one frame to another, but they are still all rubberized and comfortable. The style difference does not seem to impact fit or comfort.
  • Fit on most styles are for medium faces. The exceptions are the ES5, which seems to fit more loosely, and the pearl pink frames in the Infinity line made for women’s faces.
  • The lens curve and temple width also vary among styles. For example, the Core sits closer to the face than the Infinity, and the AR3 is more open at the bottom than the others styles and has a bit wider of a temple fit. The ES5 has a straighter temple fit than that of the other styles. Check the detailed specs on each style to get an idea of the type of fit.
  • Earpiece styles vary from the straight style of the Core and ES5 to the curved style of the AR3 and Infinity. Style does not seem to affect comfort in any way.
  • The 5 frame styles present a variety of lens types from the gold mirror Infinity and polarized ES5 to the super dark smoke AR3 and the clear anti-fog Core. Several styles also offer silver mirror, HD brown, blue mirror, clear, gold mirror, polarized and indoor/outdoor lenses. Also, there are several styles with a brown lens matching the brown frame, perfect for camouflage needs.

The Crossfire line of safety glasses and sunglasses provides a high-end look for active individuals everywhere without having to spend a fortune. Everyone from those in the military and police forces to those in the industrial workforce and the sports enthusiast can find a fitting option in this line.