Add Safety Glasses to Your Checklist

Your back-to-school checklist is worthy of a gold star and an A+, but we recommend you add one more important item to your list: Safety Glasses For Kids. You’ve got the back-to-school clothes lined up in their closets, their pens filled with ink and their pencils sharpened, and notebooks just waiting to be filled with lots of class notes and homework. But unfortunately, children’s safety glasses are an often overlooked important piece of the back-to-school puzzle. Think your child can do without them this year? Here are three reasons your child simply cannot.

Science Lab

Remember those awful bulky, clear safety goggles you were forced to wear in the science lab? Not only were they worn by tons of other students first, but that dated elastic band across the back wasn’t the easiest to size. So instead, check out these super lightweight Pyramex Mini Ztek Safety Glasses equipped with an anti-fog lens. They’re sized to fit small faces, and the soft rubber temples are comfortable and ensure a secure fit. We suggest small splash goggles if your child requires a pair of dedicated lab goggles. These goggles are better for small faces and only weigh 21 grams.

Child Wearing Safety Splash Goggles

Shop Class

Most of us here at remember it being called “shop class,” while newer generations might call it “industrial arts.” Whichever name your child’s school gives, this is the class where your child gets to drill, saw, and craft to his or her delight. Of course, your child’s teacher will emphasize the importance of safety, but go one step further and provide your child with safety glasses like the MCR Bearkat Small Safety Glasses. They’re crafted for a smaller face, reducing the likelihood your child will need to push their safety glasses back up over their eyes or adjust them mid-project.

Outdoor Activities

Back-to-school means outdoor activities like field trips and recess are in full swing. And that means there’s an increased risk for students sustaining outdoor eye injuries. According to the National Eye Institute, every year, more than 10,000 children aged 14 and younger end up in emergency rooms due to sports-related eye injuries. But wearing protective sports glasses or goggles can reduce the chances of sustaining a severe injury by up to 90%. So, ensure your child’s outdoor activities are adequately protected by adding safety glasses to their back-to-school checklist. The Edge Mazeno Slit Fit Safety Sunglasses look fantastic, fit small face profiles, and provide both impact and UV protection.

Children’s Safety Glasses aren’t just for the science lab these days. They can go a long way in decreasing the likelihood of an eye injury at recess and make crafting that project in shop class much safer. We wish you and your child an enjoyable back-to-school experience, and we’ll be here putting the “cool” back in kid’s safety glasses