Fashion-conscious women make the choice between looking fashionable and having safe, healthy eyes every day, often compromising in one direction or the other or carrying more than one pair of glasses. Fortunately, they don’t have to compromise anymore. With the Edge Civetta and Edge Aurora safety sunglasses glasses lines, women can now have the best of both worlds.

The Edge Civetta and Edge Aurora combine the fashion of big sunglasses with high safety standards. In addition, they’re comfortable and come in a variety of lens options and frame colors. Plus, they’re very affordable.

Safety Standards

All Edge Civetta and Edge Aurora safety sunglasses meet ANSI Z87.1 safety standards for high mass impact, ball drop impact and high velocity impact. In addition, they also meet Military Ballistic MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 standards, which means they are designed to provide impact protection beyond typical industrial safety standards.

Comfort & Fit

Edge Civetta and Edge Aurora safety sunglasses have a comfortable fit, and they don’t slip down the nose, sit on cheekbones or touch eyelashes. Also, they do not have any rubber pieces, so they won’t get caught in hair. The nose pads and temple tips are soft and pliable, adding to the comfortable fit.

Because of the straight-temple design, these glasses sit very close to the face and even against the temple a bit. However, the pressure is minimal and not at all uncomfortable. For those who prefer the more open fit and look of sport sunglasses, the Edge Civetta and Edge Aurora may not be the right choice. However, keep in mind that the close fit does provide extra protection by not allowing much room for foreign objects to make their way to the eye through the sides, top or bottom of the glasses.

Frame Features & Options

The frames on the Edge Civetta and Edge Aurora provide a smooth wrap-around fit for the temples. In addition, they are lightweight and also make a fashion statement for those who like the look of over-sized sunglasses. In addition to all black, the frames also come in pink or white, and some have fun prints along the sides.

Lens Features & Options

All of the lenses in the Edge Civetta and Edge Aurora lines have 99.9% protection from UVA/UVB/UVC rays, excellent optical quality and fog and scratch-resistant coatings. In addition, lenses are a tough, polycarbonate material and tapered to eliminate refraction.

The Edge Civetta line offers several lens options:

  • Copper lens (8% light transmission) “” a high contrast driving lens perfect for bright sun, partly cloudy and hazy conditions. This lens also filters out blue light.
  • Smoke lens (16% Light Transmission) “” an everyday lens for bright sunlight and partly cloudy conditions.
  • Clear lens (86% light transmission) “” for indoor use and low light or cloudy conditions.
  • Polarized Smoke lens “” reduces eye stress and fatigue by reducing glare from reflective surface.
  • Indoor/Outdoor lens “” a versatile lens useful when trying to reduce excessively bright or glaring light without significant dimming.

Edge Civetta also features the Light Pink Lace Frame with Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon in a smoke lens. For every one of these purchased, $5 goes toward breast cancer research.

Edge Aurora safety sunglasses all come in a smoke lens (16% light transmission for bright sunlight or partly cloudy conditions) great for everyday wear. The uniqueness of this line is the frame color options. They come in black, pink or white frames with several fun designs along the temples. There’s the White Zebra frame, the Black Lace frame, the Black Plaid frame, the Pink Lace frame and the White Lace frame.

Great All-Purpose Safety Sunglasses for Women

Prices for the Edge Civetta and Edge Aurora safety sunglasses range from about $14 for most lens options to about $32 for the polarized lenses. All of the Edge Civetta andEdge Aurora safety sunglasses work on the job site and also easily pass for ordinary, everyday sunglasses allowing the wearer to move from personal life to work life without having to compromise with their eyewear.