About a year ago I saw my neighbor Jim mowing his lawn and thought, “Not too smart”. He had no eye protection. Since I work for Safety Glasses USA, and am always conscious of the importance of eye safety, I always keep some spare safety glasses in my garage. As a gift, I took a pair of Jackson Nemesis to him. They had the Smoke Mirror lens so they were great in the sun.

A week or so later Jim came to ask if there were glasses like those that he could wear when it wasn’t sunny. He said he really liked that style and liked that a neck cord came with them, but when he worked too close to evening the smoked mirror lens was too dark.

Luckily the Nemesis comes in several lens colors, each with that free neck cord Jim likes. I suggested he get the Nemesis with the clear Anti-Fog lens. It’s so easy to steam up your glasses while mowing, so the Anti-Fog is certainly one to consider. But I also wanted to suggest the Nemesis with the amber lens. The amber color is best for enhancing contrast and light in low-light situations so it would help him see things in his yard in the evening that he didn’t want to mow (like his wife’s blanket of phlox).

Since the Jackson Nemesis is very economical, Jim decided to buy both the clear and the amber glasses.

Trimming The Hedges

My neighbor on the other side, Lou, saw the glasses Jim was wearing. Lou wore prescription eyewear, but they weren’t safety lenses. Lou came over to talk about safety glasses, but he knew the Nemesis wouldn’t work for him.

I asked him to bring up the Safety Glasses USA mobile app on his phone. Then I showed him how he could move from the first tab “Safety Glasses” to “Over-Prescription Safety Glasses”. Here he could find the safety glasses that would fit over his glasses and in all the colors that worked for our neighbor, Jim.

The smart thing about the over-prescription glasses is not only would Lou be protecting his own eyes, but he would also be protecting his expensive prescription glasses.

Each of the people in my neighborhood has different safety needs. I am going to be very busy!