Now that the holiday hustle and bustle has gone by, it’s time for the January and February freeze, which means ice fishing season! However, Winter is short, so we need to make the most of our frozen lakes and get some fishing in. Sure, it’s chilly outside, but getting out on the ice with a few buddies, packing ice fishing gear, sandwiches, and our Fishing Sunglasses sounds like a great day to us!

5 tips to stay safe on the ice

  1. There must be a minimum of 4 inches of solid ice. Remember, there can be ice a foot thick in one area and only an inch thick a few feet away. So, as you walk out on the ice, measure the depth of the ice every few feet. This ensures the ice is thick enough to hold you and your party.
  2. Examine the ice quality in detail. Quickly inspect the ice and ensure there are no cracks, air bubbles, or fissures in the ice. Wear blue-tinted polarized fishing sunglasses to add clarity against the bright white of the ice. The Blue Tinted Edge Dakura Polarized Safety Glasses are ideal for ice fishing.
  3. Never ice fish alone. There’s always the chance something bad could happen. The ice can crack, you could slip and fall, a fishing lure could penetrate your eye, etc. Having a friend with you not only makes fishing more enjoyable but can be a lifesaver in the event of an accident.
  4. Resist driving on the ice. It’s tempting to take a truck or ATV out on the ice to haul all your equipment, but this is how many falling-through-the-ice stories start. If you absolutely must, ensure the ice is at least five to six inches thick, and be prepared to have a plan of action ready should the ice crack.
  5. Leave the beer at home. Although contrary to popular belief, alcohol doesn’t warm you up. On the contrary, it increases your chances of hyperthermia. It also makes you more susceptible to doing something you’d regret, like walking out on the ice without checking how thick it is or losing your footing and falling on the ice. So save the alcohol for when you get home and tell all those fish tales!


We think there’s no better way to enjoy all four seasons than by spending them outside, and ice fishing gets you back out enjoying your favorite pastime even in the cold of Winter. Yet, ice can never be considered perfectly “safe,” You must follow ice fishing safety tips to the letter when stepping on the ice this Winter. Remember to pack your blue-tinted Polarized Fishing Sunglasses as another layer of protection for a fantastic day on the ice!