Looking for a unique but useful gift for your boss or spouse? What about a gift your child will use when the newness of other gifts wears off? Oh, and definitely don’t forget that hard-to-buy-for person even though finding the right gift for them seems impossible.

Here at Safety Glasses USA, we’ve put together a list of gift ideas that meet a variety of price ranges, are useful and practical, and are sure to be appreciated well past the holiday season.

Pyramex Mini Ztek Safety Glasses with Clear Anti-Fog Lens

Pyramex Mini Ztek Safety Glasses with Clear Anti-Fog Lens

Want a unique stocking stuffer? Consider these affordable options that will last well beyond the candy and other items usually found in Christmas stockings. From Bifocals ($3-$18) for older adults to Pyramex Mini-Intruder or Pyramex Mini Ztek ($1-$3) for children, you’re sure to find a unique gift they’ll appreciate many days after the decorations are put away. For more stocking stuffer ideas, check out these Safety Glasses USA Bestsellers!

For the men on your list, always think practical. Ask yourself, “What does he need?” 

All men need to be prepared for safety, specifically for eye safety. For use in many around-the-house activities from snow blowing to spring yardwork to mowing and raking as well for on-the job and while playing sports, safety eyewear makes the perfect gift.

To help you choose the right safety eyewear for the men on your list, consider the following popular items:

  • In the $5-$7 price range, check out the Jackson Nemesis for a sleek, sporty style that’s designed for maximum safety and comfort or the Jackson Hellraiser with a streamlined, sunglass styling and extreme lightweight design.
  • For around $10, the Bolle Contour features distortion-free viewing along with an ultra-lightweight half frame. Or, for about $16, choose from the very unique frame designs of the Edge Brazeau Designer Series.

Jackson Nemesis Safety Glasses with Black Frame and Anti-Fog Smoke LensWhen shopping for women, always remember that all women like a good fit, and that holds true with eyewear too. With that in mind, consider the following gift options for the women on your list:

  • The Elvex Avion SlimFit Safety Glasses ($4) have a slimmer design ideal for smaller or narrower facial profiles.
  • The Pyramex Onix ($5) have a suspended lens that provides stylish look, comfortable fit, panoramic view and maximum protection.
  • The Edge Vast Safety Sunglasses ($9) are designed specifically for women and feature modern fashion styles with metal accents and intricate designs you don’t normally see in a safety glass.
Oakley Commit Sunglasses with Polished White Frame and G30 Black Iridium SQ Lens

Oakley Commit Sunglasses with Polished White Frame and G30 Black Iridium SQ Lens

Since we’ve taken a fairly general approach with recommendations thus far, let’s look at more specific needs for the individuals on your list.

First, to help the athletes you know and love to not only protect their eyes from the sun but also from impact and airborne objects, consider two products from Oakley that are still moderately priced and that will work well for a variety of physical activities.

  • For women, the Oakley Commit ($150) meets the needs of female athletes who commit to the highest standards of personal achievement.
  • For men, take a look at the Oakley Radar ($180-$260). These quality glasses include an interchangeable lens design that lets athletes optimize vision in any environment.


Next, let’s look at some solid options for the hunters on your list this year.

Every biker needs eye protection, and most like to have more than one option available for varying conditions. Fortunately, we have many safety eyewear available for bikers in a wide range of prices. First, there’s the foldable Bobster Crossfire for about $20. Bobster also offers the Bobster Highway Honey ranging in price from $40-75. Another option for bikers includes the Wiley X Arrow for about $81. Not sure if these are right for the biker on your list, check out our massive motorcycle eyewear section for a seemingly endless array of options, styles and brands.

Oakley Industrial M Frame Safety Glasses with Clear Lens

Oakley Industrial M Frame Safety Glasses with Clear Lens

Perhaps you want to get your boss a terrific gift, thanking him for a great year. The  Oakley Industrial M-Frame  ($120) might be just what you’re looking for to impress him. From heavy industry to home repair, Oakley created the Industrial M FRAME to fit for almost any situation. Oh, and be sure to check out how they meet the ultimate in safety standards too!

Maybe you’d like to include a pair of safety glasses with another unique gift. For additional gift options, take a look at our Oakley SI shirts, priced as low as $24, and other accessories such as polo shirts, t-shirts, gloves, backpacks, duffel bags, boots, hats, jackets, pants and socks. You’re sure to find the right gift to complement the perfect safety/sunglasses you’ve already chosen.

As you probably realize, the above gift suggestions represent a small portion of the products available at Safety Glasses USA. If you haven’t yet found what you’re looking for, check out our seemingly endless options with something available for everyone on your list.