Bobster MX1 Goggle

The Bobster MX1 Goggle features a ventilated frame and anti-fog lens coating to help keep your vision clear

The first few flakes of snow flew through the air last week in Three Rivers, Michigan, the little town calls home.  But that first hint of winter is all it takes for Michigander’s hearts to beat wildly in anticipation of another sensational season of sledding.  If you live in a winter wonderland too, then just like these rabid snowmobile fans, you’ll want to be ready for action when the snow really flies by investing in a great pair of high-quality, properly-fitting snowmobile goggles now.  In fact, goggles are one of the most important pieces of protective gear required to fully enjoy this fast-paced, exciting recreation.

Goggle Features
Since most snowmobiling is done during the day, the most crucial goggle feature to consider is UV protection.  When it comes to hurtling through the natural environment sitting atop a very large and powerful vehicle, excellent vision is vital to avoiding obstacles and hazards.  That’s why snow blindness, caused by the sun’s intense rays reflecting off the snow and ice, is actually the most significant challenge riders face.  Bobster MX1 Off-Road Goggles provide 100% UVA/UVB protection, as well as excellent peripheral vision, impact protection, and anti-fog performance.  Flexible lenses, superior quality, and functionality make these goggles a great choice, because one thing is certain out on the trails: your ability to see through the sun’s glare could save your life.

Sledders also depend on their goggles for wind and weather protection.  Goggles provide riders with critical eye protection as they race at an average of 40 miles per hour through the snow “” while others travel at well above 50 miles per hour!  With the potential for wind and weather to interfere with  unprotected sight, a pair of goggles become required safety gear.  Again, Bobster MX1 Off-Road Goggles are crafted using durable frame materials with standard tear-off posts.  Their adjustable strap comes standard with three non-slip silicone strips to keep your goggles exactly where you want them.

Goggle technology has advanced in the last few years and made fogging protection one of the most important features to look for as well.  The less susceptible to fogging your snowmobile goggles are, the better, and just the right amount of ventilation is key.  Too little ventilation causes a dangerous reduction in vision, while too much ventilation makes for a cold ride.  Vents create a continual flow of comfortable air, exhausting hot air out the bottom.  This provides for a controlled climate inside the goggles, keeping you comfortable and fog-free.  The Bobster MX1-200BK lenses have double-sided anti-fog technology injected into their lens material, and the high quality, 3-layer foam (neoprene, open cell foam, and fleece) eliminates any potential for fogging.

How To Choose the Best?
Concentrate on finding a well-fitting, well-designed pair of protective goggles with 100% UVA/UVB protection and superior anti-fogging capabilities.  Good goggles will help you to keep the worst of the weather at bay and protect your eyes from anything that might fly up or snap back into your face.  The most important thing to realize, however, as veteran sledders know, is that weather and trail conditions can and do change from ride to ride, and even hour to hour, so be prepared with the best gear available for a safe and enjoyable ride.

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