If you live in a winter wonderland and are an avid snowmobile fan, the first snowfall and the entrance of wintertime has you excited. You know more snow is on its way. You also want to be ready for action when the snow really flies.

Start by investing in a great pair of high-quality, properly-fitting snowmobile goggles. Goggles are one of the most important pieces of protective gear required to fully enjoy the fast-paced excitement of snowmobiling.

Keep the following features in mind when considering goggles for snowmobiling.

UV Protection

Snow blindness, caused by the sun’s intense rays reflecting off the snow and ice, is one of the most significant challenge riders face. Since most snowmobiling happens during the day, UV protection is the most crucial goggle feature to consider.

Snow Goggles


Protection from the Elements

Sledders also depend on their goggles for wind and weather protection.  Goggles provide riders with critical eye protection as they race at an average of 40+ miles per hour through the snow. With the potential for wind and branches to interfere with unprotected sight, a pair of goggles becomes required safety gear.


Goggle technology has advanced in the last few years and made fog protection one of the most important features to look for as well.  The key to combating fogging in your snowmobile goggles is ventilation.

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Too little ventilation causes a dangerous reduction in vision while too much ventilation makes for a cold ride. Vents create a continual flow of comfortable air by exhausting hot air out the bottom.  This provides for a controlled climate inside the goggles, keeping you comfortable and fog-free.

How To Choose the Best?

Concentrate on finding a good-fitting, well-designed pair of protective goggles with 100% UVA/UVB protection and superior anti-fogging capabilities.  Good goggles will help you to keep the worst of the weather at bay and protect your eyes from anything that might fly up or snap back into your face.

As all veteran sledders know, weather and trail conditions can and do change from ride to ride, and even from hour to hour. Prepare by purchasing the best gear available to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

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