Phantom Rescue and Edge Eyewear Team Up

Phantom Rescue, made up of elite former US special operations, law enforcement, government officials, and business professionals, has one clear objective: End child trafficking.

They state their mission as follows:

“Our goal is to form a global alliance with all anti-human trafficking organizations. This will ensure there is a united coalition to end this atrocity. The key to our success is proper integration with local, state, and federal authorities, both within the United States and abroad. Our role in ensuring children’s safe return is to be immediately ready to assist authorities while not impeding their investigation.”

Phantom Rescue Soldier with Children

Phantom Rescue has been working on this mission since 2007 by providing resources, technology, and specialized training. They also partner with various sponsors to help them fight the growing epidemic of child sex trafficking.

Edge Tactical Safety Eyewear has become one of those sponsors.

Since 1998, Edge Eyewear has manufactured protective eyewear and educated industry about safety risks and standards. Now, they also help fight child trafficking by teaming up with Phantom Rescue.

Edge Eyewear is donating proceeds from every sale of their new Phantom Rescue eyewear to the Phantom Rescue organization to help support their mission to end child trafficking.

Phantom Rescue Eyewear

Features of the Edge Tactical Phantom Rescue safety eyewear include:

  • Matte black or desert sand frame color
  • Quick change lenses
  • Adjustable nosepiece

Edge Tactical Phantom Rescue Eyewear Kit

A standard eyewear kit includes a matte frame, clear vapor shield lens, and G-15 vapor shield lens. An upgrade kit adds a lens cleaning bag, black cord leash, and tactical MOLLE compatible case.

If Not Now, When?

Phantom Rescue asks two very poignant questions in their mission to end child trafficking:

If not now… then when? If not us… then who?

The individuals behind Phantom Rescue took oaths to “protect and defend our country,” and they see child trafficking as one of “the greatest injustices known to mankind.” They now use their specialized training and experience to “locate, rescue, and return children taken for human trafficking.”

Phantom Rescue Footer Banner

For over 20 years, Edge Eyewear has purposed to educate the industry about safety risks and standards. They have stepped up their commitment to education and safety in their support of Phantom Rescue.

These two organizations made up of people who have answered these questions: If not now… then when? If not us… then who? Won’t you join them? Support Phantom Rescue by purchasing Edge Tactical Phantom Rescue eyewear and/or by donating directly to Phantom Rescue.