Computer Safety Glasses

Computer Safety Glasses can help reduce eye fatigue and other symptoms.

We consider ourselves to be active, healthy people here at, but even we admit that we’re sitting at our desks improving our safety glasses website for a good chunk of the day. So, you can imagine how worried we were when we heard the recent news story on how sitting for six or more hours a day can actually shorten your lifespan! This, along with most office workers failing to wear computer safety glasses or stretching during the day, is causing wear and tear on our bodies. It’s a digital world, and we can’t exactly escape our cubicles, but we can learn to live better while working in one.

Cubicle Danger #1: Computer Eye Strain
Solution: Computer Safety Glasses

We spend so much time staring at our computers, both at work and at home. Add in smartphones, video games, and e-readers, and we’re squinting at text that is way too small to be read. We”™re so susceptible to eye fatigue, blurry vision, dry eyes, and headaches due to eye strain, yet employing the simple fix of wearing computer safety glasses eases the negative effects on your eyes. These stylish, modern looking safety glasses fit right into our digital world, with their tint and coating optimized to help you dramatically reduce eye strain ““ and look great while doing it.

Cubicle Danger #2: Sore Muscles
Solution: Remember To Stretch

Working in a cubicle sounds like one of the safest jobs out there, doesn’t it? Think again. Just as runners stretch before a race, you need to remember to stretch your legs and arms at least once every hour. You’re sitting in the same position for at least six hours each day, day after day ““ imagine how your muscles are feeling! Take a few minutes every hour to stretch. Ideally, you should get up and walk around the office or to the restroom, but if you’re unable to, stretch your legs and arms out at your desk.

Cubicle Danger #3: Grimy Desk
Solution: Keep It Clean

Going out for lunch each day doesn’t only empty your wallet, it could also make you pack on the pounds! Instead, many of us have opted to eat healthy lunches at our office desks. Not a problem, right? We wish! Office desks are one of the most germ-infested areas in our lives, as we’re handling papers that six other hands have touched, are loaning out scissors and staples, and letting the sneezing IT guy work on our pc’s when we get that dreaded blue screen of death. So add to that your veggie wrap separated from your germy desk only by its paper wrapping, and we’ve got a space that’s breeding illness! Keep a container of sanitizing wipes at your desk, and wipe your desk every day, when you come in and leave. Cleaning your desk can also mentally prepare you for the work day ahead ““ as well as wipe the slate green when you’re ready to go home.

Real danger doesn’t always mean hurricanes and floods ““ it can sometimes mean eye strain that continually builds up into major eye problems, a slightly painful back that can erode into a slipped disk, and a desk filled with enough bacteria to keep you coughing on the couch for a month. Simple behaviors, such as wearing computer safety glasses, remembering to stretch, and wiping your desk, can make for a safer, more refreshing work environment. Feel free to share your own office safety tips via a comment ““ we’re off for our hourly office stretch!

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