Summertime means more time outdoors for most people. Unfortunately, as the eye experts at Silverstein Eye Centers also note, there’s also an increase in eye injuries in the spring and summertime.

Increases in warm weather days bring most people out of the house and into their yards, athletic fields, and swimming pools/lakes and expose them to a number of potentially serious, though preventable eye injuries.

With 44% of all eye injuries happening at home, it’s important to stay vigilant with eye safety when outside. Whether tackling home projects, just having fun outdoors, or participating in sports, take time to keep your eyes safe this summer.

Top Culprits for Summertime Eye Injuries

Awareness of the most common areas for eye injury at home can go a long way in helping to prevent them.

  • Prevent chemical exposure by being smart about how you use chemicals. For example, spray bug repellant on your hands and wipe it on your face instead of spraying the repellant directly on your face. Also, be sure pool chemicals are balanced, don’t wear contact lenses while swimming, and rinse your eyes with clean water after swimming. Garden and household chemicals are other potential hazards. Wear safety glasses when working with chemicals and know how to wash out your eye if you get chemicals in it.
  • Projectiles can cause corneal abrasions and often happen during summertime activities. Mowing and leaf blowing, for instance, can kick up debris. Pick up stones, twigs, and debris before doing yard work to reduce the chance of eye injury. Activities like sports and fireworks also often cause corneal abrasion injuries. Wearing safety glasses provides the best protection against projectiles.
  • Sunlight causes UV damage and can be prevented by wearing UV-blocking sunglasses. Remember, however, that dark lenses do not necessarily protect your eyes. Also, eye damage from UV radiation is cumulative. This means your risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration increases with exposure. In other words, wear sunglasses regularly.

Don’t ruin your summer with an eye injury. Safety glasses have certainly come a long way, and you no longer must sacrifice fashion for safety. Keep summertime fun by preventing an unnecessary trip to the emergency room or, even worse, permanent eye damage.