Staying Comfortable in the Heat

Anyone spending a lot of time in hot conditions knows the importance of preventing heat-related illness. They also learn to be prepared to treat heat-related illnesses when signs first show. It’s also important to be ready to help fellow workers identify those signs since recognizing them in yourself is difficult.

After doing what they need to stay healthy in the heat and prevent heat-related illnesses in themselves and their coworkers or fellow athletes, they often look for ways to be more comfortable when temperatures rise.

Understanding Heat-Related Illness

To stay healthy in the heat, it’s essential to understand heat safety and to do what’s necessary to prevent heat illness. So we’ve covered what you need to know about the prevention of heat illness in the Basic Heat Safety, Part 1. And because a heat-related condition is a huge threat to anyone outside in the summertime, we’ve added a post that provides even more safety tips for Working Outside in Hot Weather.

Heat illness progresses very rapidly once initial symptoms become visible. That means knowing those signs and how to treat heat illness is crucial. In addition, knowing who’s most at risk for suffering from a heat illness is also essential. Review that information in Heat Safety, Part 2.

Cooling Products 2

Staying Comfortable in the Heat

Even after doing everything to prevent heat-related illness, especially the basics of staying hydrated and taking frequent breaks in the shade, it’s not uncommon to still be uncomfortable. Heat is hot, after all. And it’s especially so in July and August.

Fortunately, some products help you feel cooler when temperatures rise. Although these products don’t lower core body temperature and prevent heat illness on their own — and they’re not meant for doing so… follow the tips referenced above for doing that — they can go a long way in making the heat more bearable.

Fun fact: the area of the brain that senses and regulates body temperature is located in the base of the neck in an area of the brain called the brainstem. Cool this spot down with a wet towel, ice, a targeted fan or some other inventive means, and you can trick your body into feeling like it’s cooler than it is. (6 Hacks to Cool Your Body Down Quick by GQ)

Safety Glasses USA offers several Pyramex cooling products that can help you trick your body into staying cool this summer.

Cooling Towels

Cooling Towel Wrap

Cooling towel wraps help keep you cool for up to 5 hours. They’re activated by soaking the towel in cool water. As a result, they don’t feel heavy after being soaked, and they’re both reusable and machine washable. What’s more, they’re anti-microbial treated to prevent mold and odors.

Cooling Headbands

Cooling Bandanas

Cooling bandanas are made of a material that provides hours of heat stress relief. They tie around the neck or head and are activated when soaked in cool water. They are also reusable and machine washable. These bandanas come in a variety of colors, including a high-visibility lime to help construction workers stay visible and cool at the same time and a Stars ‘n’ Stripes pattern for anyone wanting a patriotic flare.

Hard Hat Liners

Hard Hat Liners

Hard hat liners are made with moisture-wicking fabric that traps sweat and keeps it out of your eyes. They fit under most hard hats, an area where overheating can be a problem for those working outside. They come in black or this patriotic flag pattern. Perfect for under motorcycle helmets too!

Cooling Pad For Hard Hat

Hard Hat Cooling Pad

This hard hat cooling pad fits on the suspension of a hard hat with hook and loop closures and is made of an evaporative cooling material. Hours of heat stress relief begin when the pad is activated with cool water for 2-5 minutes. It’s also reusable just by reactivating with water.

Looking & Staying Cool

These products offer heat stress management for construction job sites, workout routines, or any strenuous indoor or outdoor activity.

After you’ve educated yourself on how to prevent and treat heat-related illness, check into products to help you be more comfortable in the heat. You’ll both look cool and feel cool at the same time.

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