Most Fall sports are well underway by the end of August. That means September is the perfect opportunity to ensure that we are well-equipped with Sports Safety Glasses. After all, September is Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month, a month dedicated to educating athletes on how to keep eyes healthy for life.

Emergency rooms see a sports-related eye injury every 13 minutes. About 43 percent of those injuries are to children age 14 and younger. (Prevent Blindness North Carolina)

“Children account for over a third of the more than 600,000 eye injuries that occur annually. Eye injuries among children playing sports happen frequently, but the number of children wearing eye protection while playing sports remains low at only about 15 percent.” (The Vision Council)

Football Eye Safety

Adults aren’t much better at wearing eye protection during sports either. Only about 33% of adults report they do so consistently. Yet, 90 percent of all sports-related eye injuries can be prevented just by wearing the proper eye protection.

What athlete wouldn’t be safer wearing safety glasses? Even golf comes with inherent dangers. An errant ball to the eye. Sand flying when hitting in a sand trap. Eye hazards abound in just about every sport.

Reach the Goal of Sports Eye Safety

Some sports — basketball, baseball, softball, lacrosse — present big eye-injury risks. Others — like water polo, boxing, or martial arts — have a more moderate-risk. For almost every sport, wearing appropriate safety eyewear is as important as any other piece of gear.

Softball Eye Safety

Making eye safety your goal during sports really involves some very simple steps.

  1. Educate. Most people want to know the benefits to themselves before committing to a new habit. Eye safety is no different. Understanding Why You Should Wear Safety Eyewear during sports is important to for the motivation to wear it consistently.
  2. Take the initiative. Simply decide to take the first step by protecting your family’s eyes. Start by spending a few minutes in our Children’s Safety Glasses section then move into our Sports Eyewear section. You’re sure to find effective and affordable safety glasses for everyone in your family.
  3. Let children choose. What’s the secret to ensuring your child actually wears the safety glasses you purchase? Let them pick! We have stylish Pink Kid’s Safety Glasses for the girls and Smoke Lens Safety Glasses for the boys. And those are just a few of the options.
  4. Spread the word. As you chat with other parents at your child’s sports games as well as to your fellow athletes, express the importance of eye safety during sports. Let them know that a simple pair of Sports Eyewear is all that’s needed to prevent most eye injuries.
  5. Set the example. In most cases, children look to the examples set by the adults around them. Plus, the more athletes on the playing field wearing sports safety glasses, the more likely others on the team will wear them too. Wear them yourself to set the example.

Lacrosse Eye Safety

Imagine having eye injuries reduced by 90%! While this may sound like a lofty goal, it really only takes a simple act to accomplish. If athletes of all sizes, shapes and ages decide to wear safety eyewear, that goal would quickly become a reality.

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