Haber Safety is committed to providing quality safety goggles with enhanced anti-fog performance. Haber Goggles, combined with their Eliminator® Automated No Fog Fan Technology, is a perfect example of this commitment. This patented technology prevents their safety goggles from fogging, allowing users to maintain a clear field of vision at all times. Fog-free vision is critical in safety-critical situations, where even a momentary loss of visibility can lead to severe accidents. As a result, Haber Goggles have become the go-to product for extreme environments such as oil drilling, mining, food processing, and other situations where lens fogging issues are severe.

Haber Barrow Safety Goggle

Barrow Tactical Goggles

Some jobs require more eye protection than others, such as those done by oil and gas line workers and many police, firefighters, and military personnel daily. Workers often turn to goggles when safety glasses or sunglasses aren’t enough. But they don’t want just any goggles. They want goggles with the highest anti-fog ability and anti-scratch protection possible.

Safety/tactical goggles like the Barrow Safety Goggle by Haber provide this type of high-level protection. With its more-than-rugged frame material, moisture-absorbing foam, and impact-resistant lenses, the Barrow promises to be comfortable and durable for even the most extreme situations.

The Barrow goggle fits nicely over a helmet but just as well without one. The only concern with these goggles is to adjust the fan setting and ensure the battery is fresh before entering any active situation, as the module is difficult to access while wearing the goggles.

For extreme situations, the Barrow Goggle provides a powerful solution. Professionals requiring an ANSI Z87.1 impact rating and high-performance anti-fog can’t go wrong with this goggle. It’s also a good fit for young adults, men, and women who want the highest in safety. The Barrow is large enough to allow for a comfortable and secure fit over glasses, but it also comes with an Rx insert.

Haber Liquidator Splash Goggle

Liquidator Splash Goggles

Another goggle to consider in the Haber line is the Liquidator Chemical Splash Goggle. Like the Barrow, the Liquidator also comes with various options (fan module, lens replacement, etc.) and is also ANSI impact rated, anti-fog and anti-scratch.

The Liquidator also features a pliable material that molds around the face, wide or narrow, and indirect ventilation to minimize fogging and provide chemical splash and impact protection. As a result, the Liquidator is a good choice for many individuals working in construction or in the oil and gas industry and for many factory workers and lab workers who need splash and impact protection.

Haber Eliminator Plus Fan Module

Haber Eliminator Fan

The Barrow and the Liquidator, along with many of Haber’s goggles, can include an Eliminator Plus Fan Module or the Eliminator Fan. The Eliminator Plus is the only fan system certified “intrinsically safe” (non-sparking) by ETL to UL 913 for use in explosive environments.

Both fan modules defog goggle lenses quickly and can be set to run automatically only when needed, to run constantly, or to remain off. Though probably not ideal for situations where complete quiet is desired, such as when skiing on a serene alpine slope, the fan’s high-pitched hum won’t be a distraction in already noisy situations. Plus, it can always be switched off or intermittent to reduce noise.

Both fan options are also transferable from one Haber goggle to another. The fan won’t dry your eyes and is sensor activated based on the humidity level. While not all Haber goggles automatically come with the fan module, many of them do have the option to add the fan as an accessory should your situation warrant doing so.