Severe Weather Emergency Kit

Prepare your emergency kit before severe weather hits.

This past weekend, our East Coast experienced a close encounter of the hurricane kind ““ Hurricane Irene. Although many areas were lucky to suffer only minimal effects from Irene, it brought renewed awareness for all of us to ensure our emergency kits are stocked and ready for everything from weather disasters to terrorist situations. We were (happily) surprised to notice that many newer emergency kit checklists now include safety glasses, as if the winds are whipping outside your door, you certainly want something to protect your eyes from flying dust and debris. Come along with us as we review the emergency checklist musts ““ and remember, it’s always best to get your emergency kit prepared now, long before you may ever need it!

[ ] Three gallons of water for each person in your residence

[ ] Non-perishable food ““ at least a three day supply for each person

[ ] Battery powered or hand crank radio

[ ] Safety glasses for each member of your family to prevent debris from harming your eyes ““ choose durable safety glasses from brands including AO safety glasses, Crews safety glasses, and Kid’s safety glasses.

[ ] Flashlight and extra batteries

[ ] First aid kit

[ ] Emergency cell phone, charged

[ ] Extra doses of your prescription medication

[ ] Warm blankets

Crews Forceflex Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses like the Crews Forceflex should be in your emergency kit.

We live in trying times, and it’s vital that we always be prepared for every situation that may befall us. Safety glasses continue to be a safety essential, and are absolutely necessary for your emergency kit ““ they’re just one more item to help protect you and your vision. We hope you’re never in the path of a tropical storm, but if you are, you’ll thank your safety glasses for keeping the rain, dust, and leaves out of your eyes. Tell us ““ are safety glasses in your emergency kit? What other items do you keep in your emergency kit? Be sure to also visit to read the full list of essentials that must be on your emergency kit checklist.

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