“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” ““ Lin Yutang

Semi-Truck Driver Wearing Safety Glasses

Wearing the proper eyewear and lens tint will reduce eye fatigue on long trips.

If you or a friend or family member has made a career out of being a truck driver, you likely know just how challenging and demanding of a career it is. Sure, regulations stipulate that drivers can only hit the open road for about eleven hours in one stretch, but driving that much, even with a nap in between, really takes a toll on you and your well-being. We”™ve worked with quite a few tractor-trailer drivers in helping them select Driving Safety Glasses to reduce eye strain, and we’ve heard some great tips on how to battle fatigue on the road.

#1: Eat Healthy. It’s so easy to forsake nutrition in the interest of picking up fast food that can go down the hatch and get you back out on the open highway, quick. Yet, there are tons of preservatives and way more fat than necessary in fast food, sapping you of energy and adding pounds to your midsection. Focus on high-protein, low-fat foods ““ deli-cut roast beef sandwiches, veggie omelets, oatmeal and fruit, protein bars, soups and salads, baked chicken, whole grain breads, and vegetables.

#2 Exercise. If you can swing it, find a gym, like the Planet Fitness chain, that has locations throughout the entire United States, and visit them along your travels. Otherwise, use free weights to do regular muscle exercises, or a cardio exercise dvd to pack in at least a half hour of cardio each day. It”™ll unwind your tired muscles from driving and ease your stress away.

#3 Reduce Eye Strain. We can’t think of much else that breeds eye strain quite like the bright sunlight hitting the black asphalt and sending pain directly to your tired eyes. Polarized Safety Glasses and Polarized Sunglasses are designed to reduce this glare while heightening clarity and depth perception. You want to feel comfortable while safely navigating your big rig, and polarized driving glasses give you that extra level of comfort in the driver’s seat.

#4 Write It Down. An old saying goes that you just can’t get to sleep without “a clear conscious.” It’s true ““ whatever is on our mind always seems to creep up when our head hits the pillow. Keep a notebook, smartphone app, or private blog so you can get the thoughts off your mind before you sleep. You need every minute of sleep you can get, and idle thoughts and anxiety shouldn’t rob it from you.

#5 Relax. Telling yourself or a friend to “Hey, Relax!” is always easier said than done, right? The tractor-trailer drivers we’ve talked to have stressed just how important it is to beat the stress, especially when miles and miles away from home and still dealing with the everyday stress of life. Instead of listening to the same tunes over and over, listen to bestselling books on tape, or try your hand at learning a new language. You might not be Picasso, but unwind by drawing in a small notebook on breaks. Explore the blogosphere and read your favorite blogs (like ours!). Do what pleases you.

You live an exciting life as a truck driver, and although a good night’s sleep at home might be states away, there are steps you can take to live comfortably on the road. You know where to find us when you need driving safety glasses, and be sure to check us out on Facebook at Facebook.com/SafetyGlassesUSA on your breaks ““ we”™d love to hear from you!

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