Safety Glasses USA, Inc. HQSince August, 2008, Safety Glasses USA operated its retail store from a brick and mortar location in downtown Three Rivers, a separation from its first home in the company’s longtime warehouse. Over time it turned into a very nice little shop and resource for local citizens who needed our products. But now that the company’s warehouse is in a much larger facility, it should be able to adequately accommodate a showroom with a couple improvements.

The store displayed approximately 800 different styles of certified safety glasses on its walls, and several more in display cases.  This was a significantly reduced selection compared to what is available on  Yet for some it may still have been a little overwhelming to choose from so many styles.  The numbers may support this theory.  Sales history shows that customers generally selected from the same 80 styles or so.  This will allow us to display the core models that customers like plus many of the newer ones that have not yet gotten their trials in.  We anticipate displaying approximately half of those that were visible at the old store, but with a bonus.  Because customers will be in the company headquarters, they will have the ability to see any in-stock style upon request, even those that were not available at the store previously.  Our vast array of goggles for safety, sports and motorcycle riding will again be displayed; something that was missing at the downtown store.  The large selection of premium sunglasses will remain the same.

The bringing back of the showroom will also give us a better grip on stock levels, as there will again be only one inventory to track.  It will also allow for multiple employees to participate in a retail capacity so that customers may be assisted at any given time, while giving employees more hands-on experience with the products.

There is not yet a concrete date for the re-opening.  When completed, customers will go to 1501 KDF Drive, in the industrial park south of The Home Depot at US-131 and Broadway.  For now, customers are encouraged to place orders online, though they may select “In-store Pickup” for their delivery option, and pick up their order at the location of our current headquarters and relocated showroom, 1501 KDF Drive, Three Rivers.

SGUSA HQ, 1501 KDF Drive, Three Rivers

SGUSA HQ, 1501 KDF Drive, Three Rivers

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