While researching an article about Scaffolding Safety, I”™ve come across some interesting perspectives. Here are excerpts from two emails I”™ve received:

“People who supply/install the scaffolding do not know the safety rules or the manufacture required procedures to installation, maintaining and/or dismantling. Additionally there is incredible room for improvement from the scaffolding industry to teach the end user the safety installation, usage and inspection procedures,” said Brian from Hoffman Construction.

“I personally think the most effective tools for safety in scaffolding are the Safe Work Plans and Field Level Task Analysis and Job Safety Analysis that we do before each erect, alter or dismantle. This helps us in our recognition of the hazards and allows us to evaluate them and put corrective measures into place,” said Shannon from Sky-Hi Scaffolding.

Here are the OSHA scaffolding safety guidelines:

What can we do to improve scaffolding safety? High visibility labels and signs, more training, greater awareness of the problem? What do you think?

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