Aim for the Right Decibel Levels in Shooting Earmuffs Protection

A Safety Glasses USA friend told us about going to the shooting range for the first time. The safety enthusiasts on staff there told her exactly what she needed to outfit herself in [...]

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Current & Future Eyewear for Navy Seals

Known for carrying out secret missions behind enemy lines, defeating enemies against impossible odds, and keeping seas safe from piracy, the Navy Seals exist as a legendary and highly trained group of soldiers. [...]

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Crews Safety Glasses – Combining Fashion, Function & Affordability

Some people are simply hard on their sunglasses and safety glasses... scratching them, breaking them, losing them. When this is the case, spending a lot of money on safety glasses or sunglasses just [...]

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Venture Gear Provides Adventure Protection at Every Level

From the active sports enthusiast to those with very active jobs (military & law enforcement, for example), the new Venture Gear line has an option to meet every need. While most styles will likely appeal [...]

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Edge Civetta Safety Sunglasses: Where Fashion Meets Safety

Fashion-conscious women make the choice between looking fashionable and having safe, healthy eyes every day, often compromising in one direction or the other or carrying more than one pair of glasses. Fortunately, they [...]

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Coming Soon – Oakley Tombstone Shooting Eyewear

Unveiled at Shot Show 2015, the Oakley Tombstone is destined to revolutionize shooting eyewear. Oakley teamed up with military and civilian marksmen at Ft. Benning to learn how they could improve upon existing shooting [...]

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Smith Optics Elite and Kryptek Create Limited Edition Sunglasses

Recently the Smith Optics Elite Division teamed up with Kryptek Outdoor Group to create the first pair of sunglasses to feature Kryptek's Highlander camouflage pattern.  Based upon the popular Smith Elite Lockwood sunglasses, which [...]

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