We”™re taking a break today from safety glasses and shedding some bright light on High Visibility Safety Clothing, particularly for winter conditions. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in an area that’s warm and sunny all year round, the wintertime often brings with it blankets of snow and sheets of ice ““ in short, nasty weather conditions! You’ll likely be outside plowing or shoveling snow and ice several times this winter, and sure, you’ve got a winter coat, gloves, hat, and boots on, but are you visible enough next to that snow pile?

Slip n”™ Slide
No, we’re not talking about a fun game for kids in the summer (we wish!), we’re talking about the propensity for cars and trucks to well, slip and slide down icy and snowy roads in the winter. You want vehicles to see you far in advance so they can slow down and ensure they’re traveling even safer as they pass you. High Visibility clothing, like our Reflective Safety Vests, are easy to slip on and really stand out against the white of the snow. We think preparedness is one of the top ways to ensure you’re safe, and high vis clothing lets you be seen from a distance.

Radians Safety Jacket

The Radians Bomber Safety Jacket is a good choice for cold and wet conditions.

Keep An Eye Out
Never underestimate the power of the cold. Regardless of how hearty and accustomed to the snow you are, you can go from feeling a bit chilly to numb, frost-bitten, and virtually unable to move in literally minutes. High visibility safety clothing, such as our Reflective Safety Jackets, are bright enough so your co-workers or family can clearly see you in winter conditions, and keep you warm and dry. Snow may look angelic, but it can be deadly. An extra layer of orange or yellow is a precaution that’s always worth it.

Style For Safety
Are you a winter sports addict who absolutely craves powder days, and is out there hitting the slopes when the mountain’s empty, save for a few lift attendants and ski patrol? Those kind of days make for beautiful skiing and riding conditions, but the risk of avalanches, snow-related injuries, and frost-bite increase dramatically, especially since you’re one of only a few people on the mountain. Your Oakley® snowboarding jacket may not as hip with a reflective safety vest over it, but if you’re a real rider, you know that compromising safety for style is never an option. And hey, when the crowds return to the mountain tomorrow, you can rock that cool jacket all you want.

Skip the winter whites this year ““ at least when you’re outside in adverse winter conditions. High visibility clothing, including reflective safety vests, reflective coats, and more, help you stay visible and safe as the snowflakes fall all around you. Have you had experiences with low visibility vs. high visibility clothing in the winter? Share your snow tales with us!

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