Splash Safety Goggles

Splash Goggles are a must when working with chemicals or other hazardous fluids.

We always think an eye injury won’t happen to us, but with 2,000 eye injuries occurring daily according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, it can happen to you. Safety is integral to working in a laboratory ““ you’re working with chemicals that can be toxic if inhaled or touched, and blending combinations that can one day help science and modern medicine. Putting on your splash safety goggles is second nature to you, but you can get so accustomed to your routine that you simply forget the splash safety basics you learned while training, so we’re here to re-school you!

  • Never pipette by mouth ““ You of course know to never use your mouth to suction a chemical, but what about plain ol”™ H20? Same goes! That pipette can still have chemical residue on it, so it’s always best to use a pipette bulb.
  • Say no to open toes ““ It’s tempting to wear sandals in the summertime to work, but in the blink of an eye, your elbow can bump that glass beaker right onto the floor, shattering it and painfully sending glass all over your toes.
  • Smell the roses, not the chemicals ““ It’s interesting to fully analyze a chemical, but stop yourself from smelling it. A smell may seem harmless, but it can be toxic to you and even waft into your eyes.
  • Dispose of chemicals the right way ““ Taking your beaker over to the sink and pouring a stream of water into it can send those chemicals splashing right out of the beaker and onto your skin and eyes. Instead, follow the experiment’s instructions and dispose of the chemicals the right way.
Crews Verdict Splash Goggles

The Crews Verdict Splash Goggles are a popular choice for chemical splash protection.

Splash safety goggles are another laboratory safety must, and you know just how vital they are to your work days. Splash safety goggles don’t come in a one size fits all style ““ you can choose from direct vented goggles, indirect vented, and non-vented splash goggles. Indirect and non-vented splash goggles should be used in experiments where a splash hazard is present, with styles including our Crews Verdict Indirect Safety Goggles and Crews Non-Vented Safety Goggles.

Splash safety goggles can protect you from being one of the 2,000 eye injuries that occur each and every day. Make it a point to follow every laboratory safety rule, from the basic to the most advanced, no matter how experienced you are in the lab and how many experiments you have performed. We treasure your vision here at SafetyGlassesUSA.com, so let us protect you with splash safety goggles!

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