Third Grade Students Learn About Farm Safety

Agriculture is a fundamental component of North Carolina’s income and workforce, particularly in Greene County.  Here, it is their number one industry.  Cotton, peanuts, tobacco, wheat, corn, soy, sweet potatoes, poultry, dairy, and livestock help to make up the farming business that is so critical to the county’s survival.  Despite its importance, it seems at least one organization believes that the county’s youth should be much more aware of all that its top industry encompasses.  Thus, in 2012, The Green County Cooperative Extension had its first Agriculture Awareness Day.

On site at a local farm, about 200 third grade students learned about farm safety, nutrition, livestock, soil, insects, poisonous plants, seeds, water and more.  The event was such a hit, they plan to continue this designated day of awareness each year.

*Pictured are the third graders sporting their Radians Mirage Small Safety Glasses from

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