Some people use a fan or other type of white noise to help them fall asleep while others rely on prescription or over-the-counter sleep aids. Still, others approach a better night’s sleep by limiting caffeine and other stimulants. Many people use a combination of these methods. But how many people think to wear “sunglasses” for the purpose of helping them get a better night’s sleep?

We’re not just talking any pair of sunglasses, though. Sure, you can wear your everyday sunglasses to help darken a room and maybe take a nap, but they don’t do a lot for helping you fall asleep any normal night of the week. They won’t help much with sleep disturbances such as those that come while traveling or shift work either or for the struggles many experience with insomnia either.

NoIR BluGard Nighttime Eyewear promises to not only help you fall asleep faster but also to help those with irregular schedules and problems with insomnia to get better quality sleep. Consider the following facts to help understand how NoIR BluGard eyewear accomplish these claims:

  • The orange lens blocks 100% of blue light and allows the production of melatonin to happen as it should.
  • Blue light, emitted from devices like smartphones, computers, tablets and TVs, disrupts the production of melatonin.
  • Melatonin comes from the pineal gland in the brain and helps us fall and stay asleep after the sun goes down.

Other Options & Research

Some of the more common additional options for doing what NoIR Nighttime Eyewear claims to do include wearing glasses with yellow lenses, eliminating time in front of screens at least two hours before bedtime, and taking melatonin supplements.

Man Watching TV

Unfortunately, yellow lenses only partially block blue light and also actually brighten vision, which is, of course, counterproductive to feeling sleepy. Second, as most of us will readily admit, eliminating ALL screen time in the few hours before bed on a regular basis probably won’t happen for most people even if we know it will help us fall asleep more quickly. Finally, many people simply prefer not to take supplements or struggle to remember doing so on a regular basis.

Approximately 1/4 of the adult population has sleeping problems, and many of those struggle to fall and stay asleep. The National Sleep Foundation says insomnia often results in daytime symptoms like fatigue, trouble concentrating and mood disturbances. Unfortunately, science has not completely confirmed that orange lenses block blue light to the point of being a solution for insomnia. (Note: Many other options touted for aiding in a good night’s sleep are not entirely proved or disproved by science either.)

User Reviews

With no definitive research yet to prove or disprove their effectiveness, we must rely on individuals who have tried the glasses as our primary authoritative source. After using the NoIR BluGard for just a couple of nights, one user noticed a definite increase in drowsiness before heading to bed. She said she “definitely felt more sleepy and was able to fall asleep several minutes after getting into bed.” 

Other users confirm this, including those interviewed by Alex Orlov for Lifestyle. They said wearing glasses with amber lens two hours before bedtime is “like a peaceful knockout” when falling asleep and that “it’s harder to fall asleep” when the glasses aren’t worn.

The downside to wearing NoIR Blugard eyewear? Wearing glasses with orange lenses the few hours before bed initially feels strange and, well, looks a bit odd. Yet, anyone who has lain awake after going to bed wondering it they’ll ever fall asleep will tell you that these minor issues pale in comparison to the benefits of a natural sleepiness to help you fall asleep faster.

BluGard Nighttime Eyewear

NoIR BluGard Options

NoIR BluGard offers five style options:

Still Skeptical?

With prices well under $30, the glasses are worth trying if falling asleep quickly is a significant issue for you.

For additional options to help with insomnia, which can be especially troublesome with the ever-changing schedule of many business travelers, check out the article 10 Travel Gadgets to Help You Sleep. This list not only features the NoIR BluGard, but it also provides additional items that may help you get a better night’s sleep whether at home or while traveling.