Pink October is upon us, and quite a few of us here at are proudly donning our Pink Safety Glasses in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer during her lifetime, and if a stat like that doesn’t spur you into action, we don’t know what will. We’re rallying around pink safety glasses to raise awareness for a cure, and PIP Safety Glasses are even donating a portion of the proceeds from their Eva line to the National Cancer Society.

There’s more to pink safety glasses for women than just their color – our PIP Eva Safety Glasses feature a pink rubber trim to make them so comfortable, even after a full day’s shift. PIP was one of the first brands to develop safety glasses exclusively for women, with a smaller fit to better match the contours of a women’s face. Get your co-workers together and rally behind pink safety glasses for women this October.

Other ideas on how your workplace can support the fight for a cure:

Donate, Together – Ask your co-workers to make a payroll deduction during the month of October, and donate the proceeds to the breast cancer awareness organization of your choice, as a company. Every dollar counts, and no contribution is too small.

Pink Bake-Off – We bet there are a few baking aficionados on your staff. Ask them to whip up pink-themed treats, such as pink frosted cupcakes and cookies, and make extras for the staff. Charge $1 per treat to taste test them, and then vote on the top treat. Award the winner with a gift card to a local restaurant, and donate the money raised to breast cancer awareness.

Info Table – Set up a table at work with breast cancer awareness pamphlets and brochures. Encourage your employees to take them home and read them, even the guys for the women in their lives. Arming your team members with as much information as possible shows your support in the fight, as well as for your employees’ health.

Review Your Insurance Policy – Does your company insurance policy cover breast cancer screenings and preventative check-ups? If it does, be sure to bring it to your employees’ attention. If not, research all that is involved and seriously consider adding it. Not only can it help improve your employees’ health, but it also shows your employees you do care about their health and welfare.

Pink Friday’s – Make every Friday in October “Pink Friday.” Wear pink safety glasses for women, pink hard hats, and pink work gloves – even the guys! Real men wear pink, so encourage the guys to show their support, and have a little fun at work, by incorporating pink into their Friday garb during October.

We’ll be showing our support for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month throughout October and all year long. Think pink safety glasses for women, and we encourage you to start breast cancer awareness initiatives at your workplace to band your team members together in the fight. Share with us what breast cancer awareness initiatives your company is doing – leave a comment!