You probably already know that Safety Glasses USA is a veteran-owned business. What you may not know about is their desire to help veterans, especially those injured or struggling in some way. They recently came across a new and somewhat unique way to do this too. With coffee.

Why Coffee?

TRCC Founder Jimmy Welton

Jimmy Welton, founder, and CEO of the Three Rivers Coffee Company (TRCC) wanted to start a resource center for veterans. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the money to rent or fix up a building. So, he researched ideas for how to raise this money and discovered that starting a coffee roasting company may help him get the funding needed.

“I knew if I could start a roasting company and provide businesses with a good product, I could not only help put disabled veterans back to work but also build a resource center,” Welton explains.

Welton then talked to Michael Eldridge, owner of Safety Glasses USA, about what he wanted to do. Eldridge offered the use of a room at SGUSA for roasting the coffee. Shortly after that, Welton bought a coffee roaster and headed to Utah to learn how to use it.

What began as a conversation at the gym about how to help veterans now exists as a coffee roasting and sales start-up venture. It’s all done in that back room at Safety Glasses USA and is wholly aimed at helping veterans.

Three Rivers Coffee Company Founders

Welton now works with Eldridge, co-founder and the VP of E-Commerce for TRCC, and James Morford, co-founder and VP of Operations for TRCC. All three are also veterans.

The Goal

The ultimate goal for TRCC is to create a resource center to give veterans and their families a place to get questions answered and to connect and get involved with others. TRCC also wants to provide work opportunities for veterans who struggle to find employment because of a disability.

“We want to give them a purpose again,” Welton says. “We want to give them a comfortable environment to socialize and get to know others.”

Three Rivers Coffee Company Stand

TRCC has a long way to go to meet its goal, though, which is a functional resource center two years from now. The process involves a lot of planning that includes working with the Home Depot Foundation, local nonprofits, local businesses, and national nonprofits.

“I am already in talks with community members that have buildings and also in talks with national nonprofits that do this same thing. They have actually offered me their help to get this going. Most of all, I have to put out a good quality coffee so the funding can come in,” Welton says.

TRCC Coffee and Coffee Pods

In addition to roasting coffee in a room at Safety Glasses USA, Welton spends his time promoting the TRCC as well as the future resource center.

“I am actively going to businesses and plan on attending local events,” Welton explains. “We also do advertising through social media, our website, eBay and Amazon.”

If you’re looking for roast-to-order coffee that is “fresh, smooth and delicious,” check out the Three Rivers Coffee Company. Not only will you find a terrific brew at a reasonable price, but you’ll be able to sip with satisfaction knowing you’re supporting U.S. veterans too.