New Sticktoit Stick-On Bifocal Lenses

By |2022-08-10T14:11:48-04:00August 9th, 2022|All Posts, Featured Post, Product Announcements and Reviews|

Nearsighted people rejoice! No more squinting to read or stacking your sunglasses over your reading glasses. You no longer have to wear two pairs of glasses around your neck. Instead, you can quickly [...]

4 Real World Reasons to Wear Bifocal Safety Glasses

By |2022-08-02T17:15:26-04:00December 15th, 2016|All Posts, Featured Post, Safety Tips|

Bifocal glasses aren't just for grandma anymore. Bifocal safety glasses protect your eyes and have built-in magnifiers to make reading and detail jobs easier. More people wear safety glasses today than ever before. [...]

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