It’s Pickleball Mania! Play Your Best Wearing the Right Eye Protection

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What?! You've never heard of pickleball? Then clearly you fall somewhere between too young (under 55) and too old (over 15). If that's you, you're missing out! Because although pickleball has been around [...]

10 Considerations for Contact Wearers in an Industrial Environment

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More than 34 million American wear some type of contact lenses.  Some people believe that wearing contacts provides an extra layer of protection for our eyes should an eye injury occur, but that [...] Earns The 2011 Bizrate® Circle of Excellence Platinum Award

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You've heard us talk about our commitment to safety and dedication to ensuring that, eyes and all, we're protected from even the most unexpected of dangers. Yet, what you might not know is [...]

Scaffolding Safety – Industry Feedback

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While researching an article about Scaffolding Safety, I”™ve come across some interesting perspectives. Here are excerpts from two emails I”™ve received: “People who supply/install the scaffolding do not know the safety rules or […]

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