If you’re looking for inexpensive safety glasses with lots of lens options and a host of other features, your search is over. The Pyramex Itek provides lightweight, non-slip protection that is also comfortable and doesn’t cost a lot.

Reviewers find that the Itek offers long-term, comfortable wear with excellent peripheral coverage. With no hotspots, the eyewear remains in place even with heavy sweating. Additionally, fogging isn’t an issue with plenty of room for air to flow around the lenses.

Pyramex Itek Features

Pyramex Itek Features


All Pyramex Itek models cost under $5 and include the following features:

  • Ventilated nosepiece that allows heat to dissipate, which reduces fogging of lenses
  • Base-curved lenses that provide excellent side protection against airborne particles
  • Dual injected rubber temple tips and flexible nosepieces for non-slip comfort
  • Lightweight frame ideal for all-day wear

At such a low cost, you can afford to buy multiple pairs and have the benefit of the Pryamex Itek’s many lens options.

Itek Lens Options

Pyramex Itek Lens Options

Pyramex Itek lenses are polycarbonate and provide 99% protection against harmful UV-A and UV-B rays and come in the same stylish, ergonomic frame. Each also offers protection from excessive glare.

For outdoor applications, consider the gray lens. For indoor applications requiring impact protection, choose the clear lens. Both the gray and clear lenses are also available with added fog protection.

For indoor, low-light applications, the amber lenses enhance contrast and thus visibility. Another option, the infinity blue lens is commonly used for indoor applications with an excessive amount of yellow or sodium vapor light.

If you frequently move between indoor and outdoor applications, the indoor-outdoor mirror lens is a solid option. Lenses also come in blue mirror and silver mirror.

Finally, all Pyramex Itek eyewear complies with ANSI Z87.1 and CAN/CSA Z94.3 safety standards.