You transition effortlessly from the sweat of the tennis court or adventure of the shooting range to a chic lounge or hip hotspot. At least you make it look effortless!

Style and beauty are more than skin deep, and your sunglasses should reflect your casual style while embracing the sporty girl in you too. Safety Glasses USA has you covered! Our own staff sporty girls did some digging to reveal our top women’s sport sunglasses.

Female Riding Bicycle

Top Women’s Sport Sunglasses

#1 Elvex Avion SlimFit Safety Glasses: With their brown lenses and leopard print temples, you’ll look like the golden goddess that you are. A goddess packing a punch that is!

#2 Bangerz HS-7900 Silver Metallic Frame Orange Lens Eyeguard: Since the lenses are shatterproof and coated anti-fog and anti-scratch, you can sweep your hair up and head onto the volleyball court. After you’ve won the match, put on your pearls and stride into the country club.

#3 Venture Gear Ocoee Safety Sunglasses: With a white and blue frame and ice blue mirror anti-fog lens, these glasses say “hot” like nothing else. These Ocoee sunglasses aren’t just chic; they stay in place for any adventure that awaits. Ideal for showing all the guys out there how to truly ride a wave.

Female Hiker

Sporty Girl Must Haves

Now that you have sunglasses to fit your sporty cred, add these other sporty girl must-haves to complete your sleek, athletic look:

  • Put on a no-slip elastic headband. Don’t want to think about your hair when you’re out on the court? Pull it up and put on an elastic headband to keep your hair in place and off your mind.
  • Go for bright colors. Who needs basic black when you can wear a lime green sport tank, bright blue shorts, and hot pink sneakers? Get noticed with bright colors!
  • Wear sunless tanner/sunscreen. A sporty girl doesn’t stay in the sun for hours on end lathered in baby oil. Use self-tanner and consider sunscreen your best friend whenever you’re outside.

Sporty girls, we don’t just sell safety glasses and sunglasses for men. We’ve got you in mind with our women’s sport sunglasses. They’re perfect for a female’s face frame and designed to complement a sporty girl’s athletic style. Gear up for your sporty lifestyle with just a few clicks, and get back out and active and doing what you do best.