What Do Gaming Glasses Do?

Gaming glasses seem to be the new thing. Are they just another fashion trend? What’s the point in wearing a pair of glasses if I don’t even have a prescription? Do they even work? Why do my eyes hurt while I’m playing games? Why is stuff blurry after a couple games of League of Legends? 

The Problem

Have you been getting frequent headaches, tired/itchy eyes or even feel like your vision is blurry? A lot of us spend a significant portion of our day on the computer or other monitors. Whether you’re at work all day or a night time gamer, computer monitors are probably straining your eyes. However, there’s a simple solution… and some of them look kinda cool.

In our generation, the world is engulfed on the internet; social media, streaming, gaming, etc.  Everywhere you look, there are screens. While some worry this is the coming of Skynet and the likes, others realize it’s just the world and society evolving. With the rapid change, many of us are struggling with strained eyes thanks to constant screen use. Computer Vision Syndrome is a real thing and should be handled seriously. Luckily it’s not hard to prevent

Do Gaming Glasses Work?

In short, yes. In fact, I’m wearing a pair of Gunnar’s right now. Not only do I look like a professional, but my eyeballs also aren’t as stressed about staring at a screen for 8 hours at work. Not to mention my gaming all night after the fact… Gaming glasses reduce blue light and often have a slight magnification, making everything a little bit bigger without ruining your perfect, finely tuned resolutions.

The increased size of view and reduced blue light results in far less eyestrain. This also prevents tired, dry/itchy eyes which cause blurry, slow vision. So your computer glasses can actually improve your game by allowing you to stay on top of your vision. All of these benefits compile into one big victory as well; because they prevent so much eye strain, your eyes won’t be near as affected by Computer Vision Syndrome in your future and can help relieve some of the issues of it that you may already be facing.

Computer Glasses, Monitors, And Your Eyes

Monitors produce a relatively harsh blue light that forces your eyes to work harder to focus on objects on the screen like words or small objects. Images on screen do not have the same sharp contrast between objects as the real world does. This lack of variation makes it difficult to pick out objects, causing your eyes to constantly change focus, resulting in strain. So when you are searching for that guy hiding in a bush about 300 meters away in the Battlegrounds, your eyes are suffering the cost.Image result for player unknown battlegrounds

On a similar note, long sessions of League of Legends, Counter-Strike, or Microsoft Word results in a constant stream of blue light diving into your retinas, slowly but surely affecting your vision. Ever notice a slight blur or delay in your sight when your eyes dart to a target on screen? This could be caused by CVS, you can see an in-depth article of the issue on our blog page. 

What Should I Do About It?

Your eyes are likely your most treasured sense. So protect it. Gunnar Optiks is a leading producer of computer and gaming glasses that you can utilize to your advantage. Take action in preventing fatigue and poor vision, now and in your future. Gaming glasses will not only optimize your experience in front of the monitor, but they can assist in keeping your eyes healthy for the duration of your life.

What Do You Think?

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