Children, Teens & Young Adults

We’ve all heard the line “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” from the movie, A Christmas Story. However, an eye injury is no laughing matter, and they happen way too frequently. Almost half of the 2.5 million eye injuries reported annually occur in individuals ages 18-45. The second largest age group (25%) receives the most eye injuries in children because people often forget that Children Need Eye Protection Too. More specifically, older teens and young adults in their late twenties present the highest numbers within these groups.

Of the total number of injuries, males receive 73% of them.

Older teens and young adults receive most of their eye injuries from sports. The injury rate for this group is highest in sports like basketball, football, soccer, and leisure sports (golf, tennis, bowling, etc.). Fighting and typical horsing around account for a significant portion of eye injuries in this age group.

Young adults also receive eye injuries from yard work, flying particles in work areas, and chemicals. Eye injury for women in this age group also often comes from mascara wands and scratches from fingernails. Also, young adults suffer many eye injuries from exploding grills, fireplaces, and fireworks.

Older Adults

Older adults are not immune from eye injuries by any means.

Nearly 27% of injuries reported annually occurred with individuals 46 and older.

The exact causes of eye injury for older adults are the same for younger people, just not as many. Perhaps this is because caution increases and activity decreases with age, at least for some individuals.

Most Eye Injuries Are Preventable

One fact remains constant regardless of age, activity, or injury.

90% of all eye injuries are preventable.

The best way to prevent eye injury, regardless of age and activity, is by wearing protective eyewearFortunately, many protective eyewear options exist to fit every age and activity. From sports eyewear to safety glasses and goggles, there’s no excuse for not wearing safety eyewear.

Eye injury, while more prevalent in some age groups than others, does not have an age or gender bias. For this reason, men and women of any age can do the one thing to reduce those 2.5 million eye injuries per year… wear protective eyewear!

Eye Injury Infographic

This infographic from the American Academy of Ophthalmology helps visualize eye injury statistics. Take a few moments to review this information to better appreciate protecting your eyesight.

Eye Injuries Infographic

Image courtesy of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

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