Safety Glasses USA, a veteran-owned company, honors our country and its military by proudly celebrating holidays like Armed Forces Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and the 4th of July. These days of remembrance are essential, but there’s a way we can honor what they represent year-round. Buy “Made in the USA” brands.

Regardless of the time of year, showing your patriotism is always cool. After all, wouldn’t you feel great in a fabulous new pair of eyewear that helped an American family bring home the bacon?

There are many terrific reasons to consider buying U.S.-manufactured goods. However, here are a few we believe are the most important.

When you buy “Made in the USA,” you…

  • Support American business owners as well as American workers, safe working conditions, and child labor laws.
  • Help grow America’s economy and foster American independence.
  • Leave a cleaner world to future generations. U.S. manufacturing processes are much friendlier to the environment than many other countries whose practices are unregulated, dangerous, and highly polluting.
  • Support the idea of an honest day’s wages for an honest day’s work rather than an economy built on the backs of an exploited, underpaid and overworked population.
  • Feel confident that American consumer protection laws and safety standards protect your family.
  • Keep your family, friends, neighbors, and yourself earning a living wage. Job creation, manufacturing pride, and technological advances help the U.S. weather economic challenges and continue to thrive.

USA Machine Map


The Importance of Patriotic Spending

For many years, factory jobs allowed families to enter the middle class and afford the next generation greater opportunities. However, over the last several decades, countless U.S. manufacturing jobs shipped overseas. This caused our knowledge base to shrink, resulting in an unstable manufacturing sector.

Each manufacturing job creates 5-8 additional jobs. These include suppliers, accountants, technical support, distributors, and sales personnel. When the middle class loses these jobs, its buying power decreases. As a result, U.S. companies go out of business, and Americans become unable to purchase goods and services evaporate.

Although middle-class Americans are most at risk, everyone should be concerned about buying American. After all, why would any American choose to support companies that cause hardships for U.S. families?

But when Americans buy from U.S. companies, demand increases. Rising demand results in more factories, plants, and job opportunities. Americans once again gain an economic footing. As a result, buying power rises, and American businesses and their employees regain financial health.

Five Simple Ways to Promote Patriotic Spending

Dollars spent on American-made products stay in America. Every American benefits. Patriotic spending protects stable, quality jobs, and the money we earn returns to us repeatedly. This is called “recycling dollars,” a concept that will make our economy strong again.

Here’s how you can play a role in that process:

  1. Don’t see the products you want in the stores? Ask retailers to stock them.
  2. Spread the word about patriotic spending to family and friends.
  3. Teach future generations the importance of patriotic spending.
  4. Most importantly, buy products made in the USA!

Made In USA

Safety Glasses USA wants to help you get started with your patriotic spending. Check out our list of American-made safety products below!

Support Your Country with Made in the USA Safety Products

  • Safety Glasses — Check out our Oakley, Smith Elite, and Wiley X lines, just to name a few.
  • Safety Goggles — Many jobs, hobbies, and environments require the protection and features only safety goggles provide.
  • Hearing Protection — Made by DeWalt, EAR, Elvex, Moldex, and Radians.
  • Respirators – Moldex makes respirators that are easy to put on and resistant to heat and humidity.
  • Accessories – Many add-on products include retainers, cases, side shields, cleaning cloths, bifocal stick-on, and anti-fog spray.

We are in control of our country’s future every time we make a purchase. Spend wisely!