Wiley-X featured in Reload Game
Wiley-X featured in new Reload game.

Wiley-X Eyewear was recently selected as the virtual eye protection of choice for Mastiff’s recently launched weapons and shooting tactics simulator “Reload.” First released in 2010 for the Wii and PC platforms, Reload quickly became a hit and is now available in iTunes for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Reload offers an intense virtual experience looking down the barrel as an exhibition shooter, soldier or law enforcement official. Featuring more than 25 weapons from some of the most popular firearms and shooting gear manufacturers (such as Wiley X, Remington, Magnum Research and Champion), players are able to take to the shooting range, deploy into the field or run through various drills just like the world’s top professionals, all with the highest level of realism. This exciting game creates a new level of realism as players “train” for everything from hostage rescue, VIP protection and sniper situations to Olympic style shooting events.  <Read the rest of this article at IGN.com>

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